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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Dale Maggs is a very active Independent Riders Group member. He has never accepted that the Victorian Premier can't still keep his promise to abolish the TAC tax on motorcycles & scooters.

There is a Victorian elecetion on November 29, 2014. Write to your MP in support of your fellow rider, Dale Maggs.


TitleRoad safety: motorcycle levy
ActivityQuestions without Notice
Date14 May 2002

14 May 2002 ASSEMBLY

Road safetymotorcycle levy

Dr NAPTHINE -- My question is to the Premier. Will the Premier adopt Liberal Party policy and drop Labor's new unfair $50 tax on Victorian motorbike riders?
Honourable members interjecting.
The SPEAKER -- Order! I remind the house that it is disorderly to applaud in that way, and that includes people in the galleries.
Mr BRACKS (Premier) -- I am pleased that the Liberal Party, as enunciated by the Leader of the Opposition, has indicated that it has a new policy. His new policy is to take off the $50 levy, which will go towards the safety of motorcyclists in Victoria. He would take that off!
The Leader of the Opposition will soon have his first chance on this matter. He went outside and made a claim that if the Liberals got into power they would take it off. He will get his chance, because if he opposes the budget he can take it off! But he will support it; he will vote for it. I can guarantee the Leader of the Opposition will support this measure.
Honourable members interjecting.
The SPEAKER -- Order! Earlier I warned the government benches. Now I say the same to the opposition benches: that level of interjection is not acceptable.
Mr BRACKS -- I can expect that, given this newly enunciated policy, the opposition will move an amendment to the budget and have it debated, because that will be their first chance to stand up on this matter. Let me go to the facts. The $50 levy will go straight into motorcycle safety, into training and public education, including campaigns on motorcycle safety directed at both motorcyclists and at motorists. If you look at the figures, you can see that they are overwhelming. Regrettably motorcyclists are already 30 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on our roads than car drivers.
Mr Maclellan -- On a point of order, Mr Speaker, the Premier is reading his answer. I ask that you direct him not to read it or to make the paper available.
Mr BRACKS -- On the point of order, Mr Speaker, I am happy to respond to the honourable member for Pakenham. I was reading from copious handwritten

Page 1382

notes and details, but I was not quoting from a document.
The SPEAKER -- Order! On the point of order raised by the honourable member for Pakenham, the tradition in this house is that members do not read their speeches. I ask the Premier to adhere to the tradition of the house.
Mr BRACKS -- Regrettably 27 motorcyclists have been killed already this year, and that represents some 20 per cent of the total Victorian road toll. The government is resolute about doing something about motorcycle safety. There used to be a time in this Parliament when there was bipartisan support for an attack on the road toll. There used to be a time -- --
Mr Leigh interjected.
Mr BRACKS -- Whether it has been the Wipe Off 5 campaign, speed tolerance or this new measure, we have seen a desperate attempt from the opposition to wreck that bipartisanship.
Mr McArthur -- My point of order, Mr Speaker, relates to the simple matter of debating. Will the Premier abolish this iniquitous tax or is he going to keep it going?
The SPEAKER -- Order! I do not uphold the point of order that the Premier was debating the question. He was providing information to the house.
Mr BRACKS -- This $50 levy will go into motorcycle safety and training, including an awareness campaign for motorists. It is a very important campaign to save lives and to reduce accidents, and the government is absolutely committed to it -- even if the opposition is not.


TitleMotorcycles: registration tax
Date5 April 2006

5 April 2006 ASSEMBLY

Motorcycles: registration tax

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:
This petition of the residents of Victoria draws the attention of the house to the $50 tax, levied through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), on scooter and motorbike registrations in this state. This tax was introduced without proper consultation with stakeholders. This tax singles out and penalises a small but legitimate part of our community based on choice of personal transport. The majority of insurance claims show the car driver was at fault; 38 per cent of hospitalisations from bike crashes are car licence holders riding off-road. Driver awareness programs, which benefit pedestrians and bicyclists too, did not feature. The 'unrider' problem was not addressed. The tax promotes unriding.
More than $10 million has been taken from the motorcycle community, but it has not been spent on effective bike safety initiatives or facilities. The tax is unfair, particularly for riders with more than one machine. The tax makes motorbikes and scooters more expensive, so harder to own. This is bad for the industry and the economy. The tax discourages energy and space efficient environmentally friendly vehicles, which is bad for all Victorians. The tax was to be reviewed in October 2005.
We request that the unfair $50 TAC tax be abolished.
By Dr NAPTHINE (South-West Coast) (6707 signatures)

TitleMotorcycles: registration tax
ActivityMembers Statements
Date5 April 2006

5 April 2006 ASSEMBLY

Motorcycles: registration tax

Dr NAPTHINE (South-West Coast) -- I wish to draw the attention of members of the house, including the government, to the massive petition tabled today which has 6707 signatories and which expresses opposition to the unfair and discriminatory $53.90 motorcycle tax imposed by the Bracks Labor government. In addition to these 6700-plus signatories, another 1854 people signed this petition, but due to a technical ruling these could not be tabled. A total of 8500 people have signed this petition.
I would like to congratulate Damian Codognotto and Lindsay Swift and everyone involved in collecting signatories for this petition. The message from the petitioners and the 600-plus riders who joined the protest ride against this tax on 18 March is that the Bracks Labor government needs to immediately lift this unfair and discriminatory tax on motorcycle riders.


Dr Denis Napthine MP

Dear Premier Napthine.

You made promises to us. You have not honored them!

Please look at the pictures of you and my colleagues in 2006. You tabled our petition in the Victorian State Parliament yet you haven't responded to our formal request to meet with you about the TAC tax.
This was all done via your diary manager, Julie Reed. She has responded to us but now we find we have been refused any meetings.

You made a commitment to us & the Victorian  Parliament, the media and the motorcycle & scooter community to repeal the Motorcycle Safety Levy (TAC TAX). Yet it still exists.

We protest strongly about your lack of action and need answers in the lead up to the state election!

Dale Robert Maggs
Mob 0432 776 458
Independent Riders Group

Dale Maggs (L), Dr Denis Napthine MP and Damien Codognotto OAM showing the petition to abolish the TAC tax to the media on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne. 2006.

X Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu MP chasing votes in the Wangaratta Chronicle.

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