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15 July 2013 - Take the test to avoid temptation TAC:
The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has issued a challenge to Victorians to resist the temptation of using their phones while driving.

The challenge comes as the TAC campaign Blind comes back on to TV screens, billboards and  online.
TAC CEO Janet Dore said Blind was back on air in recognition of the community’s concern about the dangers of distractions such as texting while driving.

“The campaign is a strong reminder of the consequences of taking our eyes and our mind off the complex task of driving,” Ms Dore said.

“Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds in a 50km/h zone, means you would travel 27 metres blind.

“I challenge all Victorians to put the phone in the back seat or even in the boot, where you won’t hear it and can’t use it while you drive.

“See if it makes a difference and whether you can influence your friends and family to do the same,” Ms Dore said.

Comprehensive studies in the United States have found that 80 per cent of collisions are caused by drivers who are not fully concentrating on driving.

The Virginia Tech naturalistic driving studies, found that dialing a mobile phone while driving made the risk of crash or near-crash event 2.8 times higher than non-distracted driving.

It also found that just reaching for an object can increase crash risk by 1.4 times. Read the full Virginia Tech study.

Ms Dore said technology was also available to help drivers resist temptation, such as the Road Mode app from VicRoads.

“This Android app lets others know that you prefer not to take calls or texts when driving,” Ms Dore said.

See how to download the Road Mode application.

For more information contact the TAC’s Emily Bogue on 0429 416 778.

Improving people’s understanding of the risks of distraction is a key action in the Victorian Government’s 10 year Road Safety Strategy. Find out more at Road Safety Victoria.

Watch the latest driver distractions ad, Blind.


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