Thursday, 5 September 2013


Vic motorcyclists escaping fines:


5 September 2013 Melissa Iaria

THOUSANDS of Victorian motorcyclists are escaping speeding fines because they lack front identification, according to a report by the road camera watchdog.
Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis says it is intolerable so many motorcyclists are 
getting away with speeding.
He has called for steps be taken immediately to ensure motorcycles and motor scooters have front 
identification, in his 2012/13 annual report tabled in state parliament on Thursday.
Mr Lewis made the recommendation last year and says he is surprised it has still not been adopted.
"I am satisfied that the case for identification of motorcycles is inarguable," he says.
Between the 2009/10 and 2011/12 financial years, about 20,000 of 50,000 motorcyclists found speeding 
couldn't be identified because they had no frontal identification, the report says.
"That situation cannot be tolerated," Mr Lewis said.
Mr Lewis also recommends that road safety camera images of allegedly speeding motorists be made free to motorists.
At the moment motorists must pay $7.50 to see images of alleged offences.
Mr Lewis says providing the images for free makes the system fairer and more transparent for motorists.
Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews says both Labor and the coalition pledged in 2010 to remove the fee 
motorists pay for road camera images but the Napthine government has failed to act.
"Three years on, the traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis is still calling for the government to do 
what they said to do three long years ago," he said.
Police Minister Kim Wells says the report showed the state's speed camera system to be excellent and 
he will consider all recommendations.

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