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These posts are not necessarily in order but the show you some of the ways the Independent Riders' Group is fighting for a fair go for motorcycle & scooter riders.

Hi Neal & Damien,

It's true. 

I have been consulting with Federal Member for Wannon Mr Dan Tehan & the Office of the Premier Dennis Napthine  via his diary manager Julie Reid.

It's a slow process, or so it seems, 8 weeks & no confirmed commitment to a date although our request is noted!

It's certainly the most important issue I see in Victorian Motorcycling.  The "BRACKs TAX" is a most unfair burden on the Victorian Scooter & Motorcycle Rider. Remove it.

I have faith that "The diary team" (In Premier Napthine's office) will, in the near future, grant my request for a meeting.


Dale Robert Maggs

Mobile:  0432 776 458
Independent Riders Group
On 14/09/2013, at 11:38 AM, damian Codognotto <> wrote:

Dear Neale,
                      The discriminatory TAC antimotorcycle tax is still in place in spite of the 2012 parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety recommending it be abolished. It is indexed so it is not over $70 a year on most bikes. Not only did the PIMS inquiry call for it to be abolished, Premier Napthine issued a media release while in opposition calling the tax discriminatory and promising to abolish if the Liberals won government.

The TAC tax was a road safety experiment by the Bracks Government aimed at improving road safety. It failed. Any minimal benefit achieved could, and should, have been, achieved by methods used for other transport types, NOT by a punitive tax. In fact the TAC tax discourages lower income earners from buying protective clothing and best equipment like tyres. If there is a benefit from the tax, it is cancelled by it's effect on riders with tight budgets. 

The issue of the TAX was raised in the Legislative Assembly by Shadow Minister for TAC, Luke Donnellan on September 3, 2012. Dr Napthine was not present. Hardly anyone was. There has been no response from the Premier's office.

The Inependent Riders' Group's Dale Maggs has bee asking the Premier's office for months for a meeting to discuss the TAC tax. There always seems to be a delay. We still want the meeting.

Another TAC issue. We hear that of the 9 seats on the TAC Board, only 4 are occupied. 

Traditionally the TAC Board has been an administrators' and financiers' club with little or no expertise in road safety or transport. TAC Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips wrote to us agreeing that to serve the Victorian road users who pay for the TAC, there should be a balance of skills on the TAC Board.

In the last year or so, there have been several, very well-qualified, applicants to the TAC Board with road safety and transport expertise. The state government has spent a lot of our money on a private company to make sure the TAC Board had the required numbers and balance of skills. It would seem Victorians' taxes and premiums have been wasted here too.

Please ask Premier Napthine why he won't meet with the Independent Riders' Group to discuss abolishing the TAC tax and the TAC Board.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Mobile: 0419 846 855
On 15/07/2013, at 6:09 PM, wrote:
Hi Damien

This is to acknowledge and thank you for your email below and to confirm that your concerns will be brought to Neale's attention as soon as he returns at the end of July - from the Study Tour - that he is currently attending on behalf of the Parliament.
Kind regards

Diana Hildebrand |Electorate Officer
Neale Burgess MP, Member for Hastings
6 Eramosa Road East, SOMERVILLE  VIC  3912
T (03) 5977 5600 |  F (03) 5977 7263

Date:        12/07/2013 10:07 AM
Subject:        NAPTHINE'S PROMISE

The Hon Neale Burgess MP
Member for Hastings

G'day Neale.

It would be very much appreciated if you would get us some information on when Premier  Napthine  will keep his promise and adopt PIMS recommendation number 25 and ABOLISH THE DISCRIMINATORY TAC TAX.

See attached.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Thanks Damien, 

I will see what I can find out.

Best regards - Neale

Neale Burgess MP
Member for Hastings

Chairman: Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee
6 Eramosa Road East
Ph: 03 5977 5600
Fx: 03 5977 7263

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