Monday, 9 September 2013


Series 2 Episode 3 is  Saturday Setember 14 at 2pm on ONE

Series 2 Episode 3

Beno from Hunter Motorcycles takes us on a ride just outside Perth. 

We find out how Pooh got his nickname, and don’t his mates love it! 

Jonesy visits a motorcycle clubhouse and gets a lesson in playing pool. 

We check out a real bikers garage in SA and some bikers views of Aussie humour. 

Jonesy catches up with some famous motorcycling faces including the Big Kahuna at Victory Motorcycles. 

Retired NRL star Nathan Hindmarsh plus gives us a look at another sled we should have in our shed.

We go on a demo ride through the streets of Perth.

Saturday Setember 16 at 2pm on ONE!/events/468146693299823/

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