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On 28/07/2013, at 9:00 AM, Cate Hughes wrote:
I found this on a forum, and it seems to NOT be a widely known fact. Thinking if it's true, then we should be advising our riders?  Cate:-)
Vic Roads rego , little hidden cost - 17/05/2013
I thought I'd post this as not a lot of people know about it. It only applies to people who have 2 or more registered motorcycles.
They don't tell you this, but I'm in the process of registering another bike with Vic roads and I knew that this applies. I asked the lady at Vic roads and she said no, but wasn't sure. She said she will find out and come back, which she did and said, yes I am correct!!!
So, years ago, the Govt. and VicRoads and TAC added an additional $50 on all VicRoads motorcycle registrations above 125 cc.You may recall the outcry, but like most Aussies, we whinge and complain and in the end, do SFA about it. We let it pass and put up with it .
What they don't tell you is that if you register another bike under your name, you don't have to pay the second TAC tax fee. It only applies to one bike. You could have 10 bikes, but only pay it once.
Lot of people don't know to ask for this. VicRoads wont apply the rule unless you demand it, so in the end, if you register 2 bikes, you will pay the extra fee(s) fee unknowingly.
So, if you do go in to register another bike, tell Vic roads you have your first bike registered and to waive the TAC tax of $50 they apply on all bikes over 125 cc.
(The tax was reviewed after the first year or two. The review did not involve real stakeholders. It was farce. The TAC tax not only stayed, it was indexed so it rose each year with the Victorian budget. In 2013 the TAC tax is well over $70 a year ..... and rising. Damien) 
I would also be making sure if you are have another bike registered under your wife's name, or partner, to put it in your name as you are paying them that extra for no reason.
On 28/07/2013 11:21 AM, Damien Codognotto wrote:
G'day Cate.
My understanding, from memory, is that you only have to pay the TAC tax on bikes over a certain number of CC's and only on the first machine registered but most riders do not know this and getting a refund is very difficult.
Yes. the Independent Riders' Group (IRG) should publicise this to benefit riders by minimising the TAC/VicRoads rip off.
Anyone who has more detailed knowledge of the way the TAC tax is taken, please pass it on to Cate and Leah for the facebook pages.
As I remember it, the riders who conspired with the Bracks Government to slip in a discriminatory $50 a year TAC tax, with the state budget had not thought through the consequences. Consultation with stakeholders was all but non-existant.  
                    The TAC tax was in line with departmental policies not to do anything to encourage t                     the use of motorcycles & scooters. Zealots at TAC/VicRoads/Police took that to mean                       discourage the use of motorcycles & scooters. This unfair tax was warmly welcomed                         by the buraucrats and the rider reps who supported it so they could have their own                           little budget to play with on government committees.
At the start, the TAC rip off was on ALL bikes over 125cc(?). This meant that people with more than one bike paid more. The well-heeled would pay more than low-income riders who could only afford 1 bike. Since many of the riders who made excuses for the TAC tax had multiple machines this would not do at all.
A review of the TAC tax was a sham. Consultation with stakeholders was confined to government picked reps.
I heard that behind closed doors negotiations led to TAC/VicRoads limiting the tax to the first bike only. TAC/VicRoads were not happy but they wanted to keep these particular rider reps on side so the change was allowed. Publicity was minimal. Around this time, perhaps 2005/6, the TAC tax was indexed so it was increased each year in the budget. It is now over $70 a year and rising.
You don't think the establishment would try to tax motorcycles & scooters off our roads?
You don't think some rider reps would sell out? Human nature. It's happened before. See the Bathurst blog.
Anyway the point is that the TAC tax was introduced because a couple of riders put their interests and pet theories ahead of what was wanted and/or needed by grass roots motorcycle and scooter riders. No consultation.
The only way to protect against this sort of undermining behaviour is "people power". We need more riders to join the IRG and we need more IRG members to go see their MPs and demand that Premier Napthine honour his promise and adopt the PIMSS recommendation to abolish the TAC tax (even if it is now taken for the first registered bike only.
Go see your MP!
                    You can join the Independent Riders' Group by emailiong us your name, post code                           and prefered email address. It's free. We reserve the right to refuse membership at any                     time
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group
Phew . . . finally found it on VicRoads site . . .
The Motorcycle Safety Levy is an addition to the TAC premium included on registration renewals for motorcycles with a capacity of 126cc and over. Special purpose vehicles, recreation registered motorcycles, motorcycles used solely for primary production operations and veteran, vintage, or classic motorcycles with club permits are exempt.  
          Private motorcycle owners with more than one registered motorcycle only pay the Levy on               one of their bikes.
          Motorcycle Safety Levy and projects

Various other pages that may be of interest if we want to be further frustrated by the hollow words that never seem to translate into affirmative action . . . cynical, who me?!!

Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009–2013:
Victoria’s Road Safety & Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers 2009-2013 - VicRoads:
Motorcycle Safety Levy - VicRoads:
          Motorcycle Safety Levy funded research and reports - VicRoads
Motorcycle Blackspot Program:
MUARC motorcycle study:
Annual Report 2011-12 - Report on operations - Safety: 
Thought this was worth a look . . .
15 July 2013 - Take the test to avoid temptation TAC:
The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has issued a challenge to Victorians to resist the temptation of using their phones while driving.

The challenge comes as the TAC campaign Blind comes back on to TV screens, billboards and online.

TAC CEO Janet Dore said Blind was back on air in recognition of the community’s concern about the dangers of distractions such as texting while driving.

“The campaign is a strong reminder of the consequences of taking our eyes and our mind off the complex task of driving,” Ms Dore said.

“Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds in a 50km/h zone, means you would travel 27 metres blind.

“I challenge all Victorians to put the phone in the back seat or even in the boot, where you won’t hear it and can’t use it while you drive.

“See if it makes a difference and whether you can influence your friends and family to do the same,” Ms Dore said.

Comprehensive studies in the United States have found that 80 per cent of collisions are caused by drivers who are not fully concentrating on driving.

The Virginia Tech naturalistic driving studies, found that dialing a mobile phone while driving made the risk of crash or near-crash event 2.8 times higher than non-distracted driving.

It also found that just reaching for an object can increase crash risk by 1.4 times. Read the full Virginia Tech study.

Ms Dore said technology was also available to help drivers resist temptation, such as the Road Mode app from VicRoads.

“This Android app lets others know that you prefer not to take calls or texts when driving,” Ms Dore said.

See how to download the Road Mode application.

For more information contact the TAC’s Emily Bogue on 0429 416 778.

Improving people’s understanding of the risks of distraction is a key action in the Victorian Government’s 10 year Road Safety Strategy. Find out more at Road Safety Victoria.

Watch the latest driver distractions ad, Blind.


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