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Thursday, 21 August 2014


The following is from IRG member Michael.

It is likely they're not talking about all cameras only the front facing ones (that's the way they have misrepresented the data in the past).

Only the cameras in the tunnels are front facing. That's only a handful.

The cameras on the freeways take rear end snaps.

If they simply provided us with the raw data we could judge the validity of their comments for ourselves? Why isn't the data available?

To make a valid comparison you also want to know how many cars were not detected and how many speeders in total (of all kinds) there were.

The police are particularly notorious for being innumerate (unable to count properly)... either that or they're selectively picking stats. Why aren't the police transparent in their dealings with the public?

The solution to all this is to have cameras shoot in both directions? It shouldn't cost much more to take photo's from both front and back? ...certainly not enough to take the much harder route of trying to force
front number plates on riders?

The amount of money the government have wasted on investigating front number plates would have paid for cameras that shoot in both directions many times over?

If the rate of non-detections is as high as they government claims then the extra detections will pay for the cost of the improved equipment? If there is such a strong financial argument then why isn't the
investment being made?

It is highly likely the argument is spurious for all those reasons. ...and thus it is unlikely it would make a significant difference to the road toll (which is the ultimate aim?).

Most of this argument doesn't make sense.

Data wants to be free!


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