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Thursday, 7 August 2014


MORE ROAD TAX ON EVERYONE IS NOT THE ANSWER TO TRAFFIC CONGESTION. Targeted road taxes making it cost more to use a less efficient vehicle and drive it one up are part of the answer. Drivers entering CBD car parks one up pay 100%, two in the car 75%, three 50% ....

Greater use of hire cars will help. Cheaper, more reliable public transport will help, more two-wheelers will help and walking instead of driving will help.

Around 70% of traffic is made up of single-occupant cars. Reduce that number and you reduce congestion, road damage, pollution and ease parking shortages. 

Some 20% of private vehicles are big, heavy 4WD/SUVs reduce that number and you reduce road damage, pollution, congestion and parking shortages.

Here is a link to a man who thinks congestion taxes will benefit our society. He is obviously qualified for public speaking and probably well paid. Sadly, he is an idiot.

This from the same guy who can’t sort out a standard for Australian crash helmets !!!!

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