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Friday, 29 August 2014


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  • Damien Codognotto Thanks Peter. Please let riders that may come to Vic for the GP, that police will be trying to book riders for any sort of traffic filtering and that novice riders may be liable for hi viz vest offences. I do not have details yet but the threat has substance. There was a local paper in Dandenong that quoted a highway patrol cop on these points.
  • Damien Codognotto True to it's antimotorcycle culture VicRoads conducted a successful trial on permitting motorcycles & scooters to use bus lanes but is stalling on legalising the practice. In Vic bicycles are encouraged to overtake cars on the left and travel between the curb and stationary cars. This has been done safely for years. The Independent Riders Group Can see no reason why it should not be so for motorcycles & scooters too. In Melbourne bicycles have their own stop lines forward of the car stop line and back from the pedestrian crossing (safety boxes). The IRG believes the answer to efficient traffic filtering for all two-wheelers is to extend the bicycle stop line across all lanes at intersections and allow motorcycles & scooters to use that area too. The IRG is strongly opposed to new penalties for lane splitting offences for 2 reasons. 1. Dangerous riding laws already exist. 2. The obvious problem of judging speed. Was the rider doing 28 kph filtering or doing 32 kph splitting??? With 3 demerit points at stake and a hefty fine we see this as a major problem.
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  1. ...Man when is this country going to grow up!!! im sick of the law makers trying to save our lives....this country is retarded!.