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ABC TV NEWS - AUGUST 31, 2012.

Left to right:

Rob Smith from Motorcycling Australia.

Peter Baulch Chairman of the Victorian Motorcycle Council.

Rob Salvatore from the Victorian Motorcycle Council.

Left to Right:

Matt in the "Sorry mate I didn't see you." shirt.

John Voyage from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.


Sunday September 2, 2012.


Kelly Auty Band & Wombat "Keep the Faith"
Dutch Tilders Tribute Show

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Mrs Lynette 'Peanuts' Wright

Late Legendary Australian Bluesman

Estate of Matthew 'Dutch' Tilders

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Peter Thompson
Stockdale & leggo

Dear Peter,

I  am from Melbourne and run a Real Estate business in Shanghai, China
that helps expatriates find residential housing when moving here.

I  am  an  avid  reader  of Melbourne newspapers every morning and was
deeply  disturbed  to  read  the  article  on the loss of Father Bob’s
Hopemobile.  It  seems that because of concerns about a small group of
riders  hundreds  of  needy  have been affected during the cold winter

I  am  a motorcyclists and before coming to Shanghai was the Victorian
State  Secretary  of  the  Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia.
During  my  time  there  I saw tens of thousands of motorcyclists give
time  and money to charities such as the Salvation Army via our highly
successful  Toy  Runs  and  the Blood Bank via our Blood Runs. Many of
these  riders  found friendship in various motorcycle clubs but it did
not stop them from contributing to those less needy.

Your  organization  also  understands  the need to assist many who are
struggling   in  our  society.  You  demonstrate  your  commitment  to
charities by holding events such as the Stockdale & Leggo Charity Golf
Day and the Annual Pink Ribbon Breakfast BBQ to raise money for breast
cancer.  You  raise  funds  for  Kids  Helpline  and sponsor The State
Trustees Charity Ball for Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria. Even item no
10  on  the  Stockdale  &  Leggo  Garage  Sale Advice writes “Plan for
leftovers, charities might have more use for them than you!”.

Given your organizations major support of many charities I can not for
the  life  of me understand then why you want to undermine the work of
one  beloved,  hard  working  elderly  priest in the last years of his

I have spoken this evening to a close friend of Father Bob and checked
the  story  for  accuracy.  I  was  told  the vehicle was photographed
earlier  then  removed from his place at night. I was told that Father
Bob  had  to  garner  a  lot  of support from many people with private
vehicles  to  deliver  much  needed  foods  around  town.  Thus is his
comittment to those in need.

Peter,  I wish to join in the support for Father Bob and strongly urge
you  to  find it in your heart to return the Hopemobile so that he can
continue his much needed work. I am sure Stockdale & Leggo do not need
this  kind  of  negative  publicity undoing all the good work that you
have  done in the past. Maybe you can call the vehicle the Stockdale &
Leggo Hopemobile in support of your generosity.

I do look forward to reading a very happy ending to this new story and
thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.

Best wishes,


Adrienne Farrelly
General Manager
Shanghai Properties

Donations to help Father Bob help Melbourne's poor and perhaps replace his Hopemobile
can be sent to:

91 Victoria Street, Albert Park, Vic. 3205.

Online donations can be made through PayPal. 
Call Judy on 03 9861 3255 for more information.

Heather Ellis and Father Bob.

Please help. Even a small donation is a lot to someone who has nothing.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Tuesday, 28 August 2012



NB The Victorian Road Safety Committee public hearing in Friday, August 31, 2012, has moved from the usual venue to Parliament House in Melbourne due to strong interest/anger in/at the latest TAC horror bike campaign.

The public are invited. Details in an earlier blog.

Damien Codognotto OAM
The Independent Riders' Group

From: Rodney Brown <>
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 7:51 PM
Subject: Road Safety Executive Group does not interact with VMAC now MAG (since August 2011)
To: Andrew Elsbury MP

Andrew Elsbury MP is a member of the Victorian Road Safety Committee.

Dear Andrew


Andrew no wonder TAC motorbike safety ads do not hit the mark with the target market (motorbike/scooter riders) as there appears to be no real  input by riders (As Mr Walshe stated in the police transcript, see below)

Transcript 92.01 Kb

Deputy Comm. WALSHE — The road safety executive group is senior representation from Victoria
Police, VicRoads, the TAC and the Department of Justice. We meet periodically, about once every two months or so, and are looking at road safety issues and working our way through partnership issues to improve road safety and reduce road trauma.

The CHAIR — Is it likely that this group will have interaction with VMAC?

Deputy Comm. WALSHE — Not directly with VMAC, no.

The Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG) was established in mid-2011 to provide VicRoads with strategic advice on issues relating to the management and development of motorcycling in Victoria. This group has replaced the former Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC).


My answer to the TAC Road Safety Manager Samantha Cockfield who said, ''The fact that people continue to talk about it is not necessarily a negative (refering to the TAC road safety ad on motorbikes/scooters)."

In measuring the success or failure of any advertising campaign one would ascertain what impact (favourable/unfavorable) it has on the market it is targeting. The target market in this case is the motorbike rider. It has proven to be very unfavourable amongst riders, around Australia, certain lawyers, clubs, associations, motorcycle councils at the highest level and has been pulled apart in a very well read and respected motoring magazine (June issue Aust.Motor Mag. covering 6 pages).

It is therefore, safe to say the recent TAC safety campaign has failed in its production. I have witnessed motorbike riders who have turned their back, in protest , on the advertisement when it has viewed on their TV.

I have 3 formal qualifications and one of them is in Advertising, Sales and Marketing.

Please forward my concerns to members of the  State Parliament's road safety committee for their information and consideration at this Friday's meeting with the Transport Accident Commission officials over a controversial motorcycle safety campaign launched this year.

I would value your comments and feedback on this important matter.

Warm regards

Rodney Brown



Thursday, August 23, 2012, 7:45:37 AM, you wrote:

Thankyou everyone for your support with this petition,we're still waiting for a response fromThe Hon. Terry Mulder MP Minister of Transport,Victoria.

So it appears we may have to push this till we have hundreds of thousands of powered two wheel transport riders signatures.

Cheers, Angus Constable-Townsend

View the petition  |  View and reply to this message online
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I have served in combat with Counter Terrorism Special Operations. There is an inescapable nexus between the visibility of something drawing the viewer towards it ie you see something out of the corner of your eye you will look at it ... where you look is where you steer. Hence, this clothing will increase the number of sideswipe crashes car v motorcycle.

Any reflective properties of any substance are negated if the surrounding light is of a higher measurement (eg A retro-reflector does not return light shone onto it exactly to the point of origin. Rather, it returns a cone of retro-reflective light towards the source of illumination)

This knowledge of reflection is a fundamental principle of camouflage that every soldier knows.

The use of reflection to increase the visibility of a moving object is questionable. Certainly, stationary objects benefit however the relatively low speed at which the brain can process the return of retro reflective light and calculate the new relative position of the light source obviates the benefit and increases the likelihood of the observer engaging in a 'point fixation search' (tunnel vision) seeking secondary and tertiary sightings for the brain to recalibrate speed, angle and probable real time position of the target. (A crude example is to imagine noticing reflection from a piece of glass, a watch or similar amongst a large location probability zone ... you notice the first flash, however then have to concentrate heavily to see the same flash; which your brain has filed as 'the target')

On the contrary; immediate, accurate and direct observer attention is drawn to noise and movement.

Since birth, all humans use hearing and basic sight functionality to determine distance, location and speed. These skills are practised through sport and every day activities. Why do phones have ring tones ? Why do alarms have loud noise?

If the desire is to decrease motorcycle crashes it follows the correct method to increase motor car driver awareness of the presence of a motorcycle is to ensure the motorcycle is moving at a speed slightly faster than its surroundings and is emitting noise at a level whereby early detection can be achieved.

Kind regards

Brad Parfitt

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 6:03:01 PM, you wrote:



George Nichas

394 Russell street Melbourne 3000

ph 96638548

Monday, 20 August 2012


Latest News

Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety - Public Hearing - Change of venue

The Road Safety Committee, as part of its Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety, will hold another public hearing on Friday 31 August from 10.00am until 1.00pm at Parliament House, Legislative Council Committee Room*, Melbourne on the motorcycle "reconstruction" television advertisement by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).
Members from the TAC, and Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Bellion from Victoria Police, will appear before the Committee, as will Mr Peter Baulch, Chairman, Victorian Motorcycle Council.
Members of the public are welcome to attend.
*Please note that all visitors will be required to sign in at the front desk, prior to entering the venue.

Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety - Reporting Date Update

The reporting date for the Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety has been extended to 13 December 2012 by resolution of the Legislative Assembly on 8 February 2012.
Details on the progress of the Inquiry can be accessed via the Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety link.


This is a forwarded message
From: Damien Cognotto OAM <>
Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 11:21:51 AM

===8<==============Original message text===============
Date: Monday, August 20, 2012, 1:15:11 PM

Snr  Sgt  Gore  provoked  an  angry response from motorcycle & scooter
riders  across  Australia  when  he  was  reported  in  the Wangaratta
Chronicle  (attached)  saying  that high visibility vests would be law
within  6  months  and  if  we  did  not  like  it  we  could  give up

This  opinion-based  proposal  to  make  flouro  vests  compulsory for
motorcycle  & scooter riders came soon after the disgraceful TAC shock
campaign  featuring a TV ad showing car failing to stop at a stop sign
and killing a motorcyclist.

The  TAC  ad  is  on the agenda for a public hearing to be held by the
Parliamentary Road Safety Committee on August 31, 2012, in Melbourne.

The  Chronicle  ran  follow-up  articles.  Sgt  Gore  claimed  he  was
misquoted.  The  Shepparton  News  ran  a story as did the Border Mail
(attached).  ABC  radio  ran  at  least two interviews on the subject.
Sydney's  Daily  Telegraph ran a big article.Some links to these items
are on the blog.

The Melbourne media mostly ignored Gore's Law.

To  open  the Border Mail story and other attachments double click the
1.eml file.

Join  the  Independent Riders' Group and help us protect your right to
ride  safe & free.

We  have  no  problem  with  voluntary  use  of hi viz gear but do not
support   Gore's law, that's for sure. Conspicuity laws/ADRs can lower
a  rider's  legal  standing and lead to reduced compensation for crash
victims.  this  is  unfair  to  legitimate  road users on 2 wheels and
disastrous for victims families.

More information is on this blog.

Becoming an IRG supporter costs nothing. You can withdraw whenever you
like.  It  does  not  interfere  with  other memberships. There are no
meetings as such, so involvement is mostly by computer.

The  more  supporters  in  the IRG the more political muscle it has to
defend  your right to ride. We need votes. That means Australians over
18.  They  don't  have  to  ride,  they  just have to care. If you are
already  a  member,  pass this on to family/friends. The bigger voting
block we are the safer we are.

Join the IRG by emailing your name, post code and  email  address to:

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group
Tel: 03 9846 8621

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Here's the Rememberance Ride Youtube video link:


Hi Damien

A gentleman sent this to me. If you would like to use it please feel free to.

If you can get this out there to all you know and sign the petition.

Have a voice it only takes a minute of your valuable time to make a major change

Cheers & Respect

STOP the threat of Hi-ViS clothing for motorbikes made compulsory.

The Hon. Terry Mulder MP Minister of Transport,Victoria:

STOP the threat of Hi-ViS clothing for motorbikes made compulsory.

There is no documented evidence proving fluorescent vests/jackets improve motorbike rider safety.Please click & read the 30 year old case study below:

Friday, 17 August 2012


Copper in a high viz vest. It don't matter, does it? Ignorant cagers.

Show that idiot copper up at North Vic this vid mate.



There  was been a seriously strong reaction against the various police
proposals  to  make  protective  clothing  law. That includes the high
visibility  vest threat from Snr Sgt Gore in Wangaratta, Victoria. See

From  ABC radio in north west Australia to the Gold Coast to the Daily
Telegraph in Sydney to Prime 7 TV in Victoria riders said NO!

Complaints  and  letters  to  the Victorian Police Minister, many from
Independent  Riders' Group (IRG) members had a strong effect. Sgt Gore
claimed he was misquoted on Gore's Law which is not how some of the 25
people at the Wangaratta forum in July heard it.

Lots  of  people  are  saying  there was/is no proposal to introduce a
Gore's  law.  We  hope so, but Sgt Gore was pretty sure of himself. He
even  gave  a  time line for the introduction of the legislation. They
said  there was no proposal to introduce the TAC antibike tax in 2002,
but  it  came  in.  They said the TAC bike crash ad was not on, but it

Better to react strongly straight away and if there's nothing to react
to, so much the better.

One  thing I've learned in 35+ years of lobbying is that Sir Humphries
do exist and they do not like motorcyclists no matter what they say to
your face.

The  police  submissions  to  the Victorian Parliamentary inquiry into
motorcycle  &  scooter safety make interesting reading particularly on
protective clothing laws.

A  forum  like  the  one in Wangaratta where Gore's law floated to the
top,  was  held in Wodonga on August 16, 2012. I had a few phone calls
about  it.  I's told about 85 riders turned up and they were not happy
about  Gore's  law. At least one rode up from Melbourne. Two rode down
from Sydney.

At  first  the organisers, Ridesmart North East, tried to make out the
flouro  vest  proposal  was a furphy and they were there to talk about
motorcycle  safety.  The  Ridesmart  forums  are  apparently backed by
VicRoads.  Sgt  Gore was there but he didn't spout his now famous line
that we had to wear a dayglo vest or give up riding bikes.

After  nearly an hour one rider got up and wanted to talk about Gore's
law.  He  was  not  enthusiastically received. He turned the assembled
riders  and  called  for  a  vote. Who was in favour of mandatory high
visibility gear for motorcycle & scooter riders?

Only two hands went up.

The  police  submissions  to  the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into
motorcycle  &  scooter safety make interesting reading particularly on
protective clothing laws.

I'm  also  told  the parliamentary inquiry committee will hold another
public  hearing  in Melbourne on August 31, 2012. This time it will be
on the TAC motorcycle ad disgrace and, hopefully, how they could spend
so much of our premiums on a campaign that directly effects us without

I'll confirm the hearing details as soon as I can.

Please  use  this  email  as  you  see  fit. The more riders and their
friends  that  join  the  Independent Riders' Group the more political
muscle  we  have  and  the  safer our lifestyle becomes. It's free. It
doesn't  effect other memberships. You can withdraw when ever you want
to. All we need is a name, post code and email address.

Damien Codognotto OAM
The Independent Riders' Group
Tel: 9846 8621

Thursday, 16 August 2012


A motorcyclist died here in 2002. There was no suggestion of speed, alcohol, drugs, machine failure or rider fault. There may have been something on the road. A young man on his way to work died. Both rider and bike wound up against the posts of the wire rope barrier. The rider had massive upper body injuries. Police told us they had a witness saying the rider did not hit the fence. They assumed the sliding bike had hit the rider before it hit the WRB. Pretty unlikely given the way bike and rider tend to separate in a slide. There was nothing else but the WRB posts for this rider to hit. The curb was the semi-mountable type. We asked where the witness was when the crash happened? Was he or she in a moving vehicle? Was it dark? Did the witness wear glasses? Police would not say.

Five years later VicRoads pads the fatal WRB posts. The pads are quite hard. It seems to us that sliding into the padded posts at 50 kph would be like being hit by tree trunks rather than baseball bats.

The Vicroads spin tells you that this is trial to make WRB motorcycle friendly. But there's no indication of impact tests. This is just a weathering test. It's using the TAC antibike tax to be seen to be doing something.

We'd be interested in your comments on the "cushioned" WRB trial.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Anthony Fraietta is an IRG member.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012, 5:39:31 PM, you wrote:

Hello Damien.

What the hell is going on with all these people who think they know what is the best thing for us because we ride a motorbike . The ones who have the right idea have to fight tooth and nail for a change or for someone to listen .

The TAC is a Big Business.  They spend 100's of thousands on TV adds for the footy. They should Spend more on Ride awareness. One thing I am  pissed off about is they keep saying we should be wearing more safety gear.  How much money is in the states kitty from our bikes levy  surely we could get some back in a form of credit at motorcycle outlets for better helmets, leather jackets, gloves, boots, and yes, if  you want to wear a hi viz vest. But that should be our decision.

If  they would do that I bet allot more riders would be in a shop in a flash getting better gear. The day our young riders get their P's and have their bike registered they should be allowed to get their safety gear and for us who have been paying the levy for years who need to replace our gear should be able to make a call get a claim number and go get what needs replacing , I expect people will say some will abuse it but one head one helmet and as a register they can keeps tabs on you .Why doesn't any so called Rep for the riders in Vic Bring this up or is it taboo to talk about the Levy.

If they supplied better riding gear for free everyone would ware it more. How will hi viz vests make any difference when I ride a bike with the head lights on all the time and they still don't see me, why because they are to busy in their vehicles doing their thing with CD players, phones, smokes, radios, talking , eating , texting, putting make up on drinking.  I have seen it all and dayglo vests will  not stop drivers from running into bikes.

It all cones down to driver training. They should have a bigger section on bikes and motorcycles in the test show drivers what happens to motorcycles and their riders after being hit by a car. Make it clear if you don't get it right then you don't get your licence. Sorry if I went on I have always supported your views keep it up.

I am pleased to support IRG

Anthony Fraietta

Thursday, August 16, 2012, 3:08:45 PM, you wrote:

Thanks Damien.

Cheers mate. Believe me when I say GOOD ON YOU.  It's guys like you that makes a difference . Keep the fight going and I hope you get many many riders to support you.  I would like to know  about the Bike Levy (DC - the TAC antibike tax) what is the current figure in there coffers and what are they doing with it and why? We as riders who are forced to pay it have no right to it in the way of safety gear acquisition .It just makes sense to me they talk about rider safety and many riders cannot afford  good safe riding gear?
So why can't we get a subsidy  to buy Riding apparel ???

Anthony Fraietta


GORE'S LAW is news in Sydney. The Daily Telegraph's Malcom Farr ran a piece on the threat by a policeman, Snr Sgt Gore from Wangaratta in Victoria that it would be law in 18 months for all road motorcycle & scooter riders to wear high visibility vests. Gore also said that if we did not like that, we could give up riding motorcycles. This was not well received.

Gore later denied he had said it but that's not what some of those present reported.

There's more on the hi viz vest law in previous blogs including the Wangaratta Chronicle's report on what Sgt Gore had to say.

Here's the link to the Daily Telegraph story. Add your opinion to the comments section attached to the article.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I found this page on the Motor Cycle Monthly website and thought you might be interested.

Regards Rod


In Australian road law it is probable that conspicuity laws (the HI VIZ VEST law proposed by Victoria Police is one) would alter a riders' legal standing in the event of a crash. Compulsory third party insurers like TAC seek to reduce payouts to riders who are victims of road crashes regardless of who is at fault or of the discriminatory road taxes riders pay. They will call your failure to wear the clothing of their choice, contributory negligence.

When a car goes through a stop sign, as in the TAC ad, and you're vestless when the cop arrives half an hour later, the law could say you did it to yourself so you get less compensation from TAC, pick up a fine and your family gets to pick up the pieces. The fact that we pay as much road tax as a 4WD and that the TAC antibike tax is morally wrong means nothing to road authorities.

The TAC tax targets riders unfairly. Bicyclists don't pay, they get paid. This is from the MELBOURNE WEEKLY EASTERN - AUG 7.

"The state (Vic.) government has allocated $1.5 million to improve Box Hill and Ringwood bike trails." 

Sgt Gore's hi viz vest law is wrong. It is based on opinion not scientific fact. Any small benefit to be gained from riding in high visibility clothing can be gained voluntarily without the probable legal/liability traps associated with such a law.

If you are angry about compulsory dayglo clothing laws that strip you of your rights and discriminatory taxes aimed at pricing you off our roads, become an IRG supporter. Get your friends to join. We only ask that they are over 18 years old - voting age. They do not have to be a rider. They just have to love motorcycles & scooters and want to protect riders right to ride safely.
It's FREE!

You can withdraw any time and being an IRG supporter does not interfere with any other membership. It gives you a voice.

All we need is your name, post code and an email address.

Send it to:

The more supporters we have, the more political muscle we have.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hello Doug.
I've taken a bit of an interest in this since the Bear published that piece about the French bringing in ' fluoro law'.  One of our major problems is that we're more fragmented and ruggedly individualistic that the Transport Industry - and that's saying something !. And all Australians give away their freedoms with mouse-like timidity.

Regarding the subject to hand, sadly, I think we might have lost the fight, white-anted from within. I'm now regularly seeing riders, on tour, coming through town ( Mitchell,Q ), wearing fluoro, several in Toowoomba today and many when I was in Darwin last week. Mind you, with the standard of Darwin drivers I'd be inclined to wear hi-vis as well. I was in the UK a month ago and nearly all the riders I saw were wearing hi-vis, either those flimsy vests or full-on touring jackets. Motor-cycle apparel shops over there also were well stocked with such items.

Further; I'm absolutely certain that the authorities have not the slightest intention of trying to raise driver standards. What your sargeant said about texting, etc, is proof of that. We now have nearly (?) all conservative state gov'ts and one thing they have always been good at it sticking it to minorities for political popularity.  And leaving majorities, no matter how prejudiced or inept, well alone. We both know where we stand.

One of my ideas, and I have no notion of how I'd implement it, is to have the legislation which condemns us to a life of hi-vis, also severely raise the penalties for drivers who hit riders so dressed. There'd be no excuse, would there ?

Further, to go down the Monty Python route, we could have all pedestrians required to wear hi-vis at night, cyclists to wear it all the time and all cars to be either white or day-glo green/yellow. Older and/or darker coloured cars would have to painted with 200mm reflective stripes over the top and along both sides. And it would work; no doubt about it.  Do you think a letter to the pollies concerned, suggesting that as a trade-off would do any good ? Oh, look, another flock of pink pigs.

Doug; I'm not sure I've helped in any way but if there's anything I can do constructively, I'll try. Just let me know.


Ross Halpin.

Good afternoon, Damien.
Go for your life, old chap. Use my ID; I don't mind. As Doug says, there's no privacy on the Web.  I actually think that you Victorians are in for a battle because, to the great unwashed, Fluoro makes so much sense. I have a feeling that behind this fluoro cry is a growing belief amongst drivers that they should be held less accountable for other road users and if they could make the point that bikes are small, quick and hard to see then it's not their fault if they run into one.  

If that excuse stood then the next target for their indifference would be cyclists and then pedestrians.

I do believe we are becomming a more callous society.  The rights of individuals in minorities in modern conservative Australia are really under attack. Is there merit, do you think, in trying to get your legislators to balance the equation by changing the statute such that the driver will be presumed guilty if he hits a fluoro-clad rider.  If it was mooted, there might be such an outcry from drivers that the whole thing gets dropped. Fight fire with fire, so to speak. Just a thought.
Ross Halpin.

Friday, 3 August 2012


STATE & TERRITORY ATTORNEYS GENERAL held a national forum on August 3, 2012. They agreed to enforce each other's anti-bikie laws.

The Herald Sun Melbourne. August 4. "CRIMINAL bikies will no longer be able to cross interstate borders to continue illegal activities."

1,300,000 plus Australians are licenced to ride road motorcycles & scooters. Police estimate some 5,000 are members of what police call outlaw motorcycle gangs. Apparently police decide what an OMG is. So all these "bikie-busting measures" are aimed at .004% of a community made up pretty much of law-abiding , tax-paying, voting citizens (if I got the sums right).

The anti-association laws have failed interstate because they are just consorting laws with spin. Consorting laws failed because they are bad laws. To get around their failure to rebirth consorting laws, our attorneys general are making agreements restricting movement in our free country. And it will all be based on police evidence that may or may not be made public.

If the Melbourne Herald Sun got it right, these anti-bikie measures are a threat to our right to assemble and travel.

The motorcycle & scooter community is larger than many ethnic or religeous communities in this country. If our law-makers targeted ethnic organisations this way the discrimination would be recognised by the media and the public and there would be an outcry but the establishment has done such a good job of vilifying riders over the last 10 years that few cry injustice. 

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Snr Sgt Gore of the Victoria Police now says the Wangaratta Chronicle misquoted what he said at
a recent motorcycle safety "forum".

He will he will promote his high visibility vest law at a "forum" at the Wodonga Bowling Club on the night of August 16, 2012. The Wodonga forum is organised by Ride Smart North East.

Organisers felt that a 15 minute presentation by the Independent Riders' Group to balance the
argument on hi viz vest laws would be more appropriate at an information night that is yet to be

My MACQUARIE, in part, defines a forum as "an assembly for the discussion of questions of public interest".

Listen to the interview on ABC radio with Snr Sgt Gore and Peter Bowers. The link is below.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 6:13:04 PM, you wrote:

Kind Regards,

Peter Bowers
Managing Director

P: (07) 5593 8277
F: (07) 5593 8477



Thursday, July 26, 2012, 11:42:55 AM, you wrote:

Hi all

Discussion  over  conviction of "Foster" in NSW first person charged &
convicted for knowingly associating with a criminal Biker! Loving this
on triple j : Hack: Wednesday 25th July

Be  careful  who  you party with, that's the message from NSW Attorney
General  Greg Smith who tells Hack that new laws designed to crackdown
on  bikie  gangs  should  discourage you from hanging with people with
criminal  records. If you don't you could be serving some time. So are
the laws being used how they were intended to be?

Dale Robert Maggs

Mob 0432 776 458

Independent Riders Group