Tuesday, 26 November 2013


North-east Victorian recreational 
motorcyclists will join hundreds of 
other riders on the steps of 
Parliament House on Sunday to 
protest new ‘‘anti-bikie’’ laws 
introduced in Queensland.

A ‘Freedom Ride’ will begin at various locations across the north-east,
with riders driving past and picking up riders on their way to Melbourne.

Independent Riders Group Northern Register spokesperson Cate Hughes
said the protest was about recent legislation introduced by the
Queensland Government, impacting on recreational/social motorcycle riders’
civil liberties.

Ms Hughes said the independent riders feared that the laws were being
considered by other states and territories.

She said in response to the alleged illegal activities of a small number of
motorcycle members, the following legislation was introduced;
•Criminal Law (Criminal Organisations Disruption) Amendment Bill 2013;
•Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill 2013;
•Tattoo Parlours Bill 2013.

Ms Hughes said by enforcing the removal of identifying clothing of outlaw
motorcycle club members, there had been a significant backlash on the
recreational/social motorcycle riding community. ‘‘Queensland police (are) 
conducting stop and search on all motorcyclists, including requesting riders 
remove their clothing to reveal any tattoos, and photographing them, to 
establish if they are members or associates of an outlaw motorcycle club,’’ 
Ms Hughes said.

‘‘All motorcyclists riding three or more being stopped and searched, and all
motorcyclists in social groups of 12 or more being required to report their ride
plans to Queensland police.’’

Ms Hughes said The Freedom Ride was not only about motorcyclists’
right to ride. ‘‘It’s important because it’s about Australia’s freedoms. It’s about 
the right to meet with who we want, when and where we want. It’s about stop 
and search powers extending to ordinary citizens, and more,’’ she said.

The ride is backed by the Free Australia Party, organised by the Freedom Riders,
and supported by the Independent Riders Group.

The protest rally is on Sunday, December 1 at Parliament House, Melbourne at 10 am. 

The Freedom Ride will pass through BP Service Station at Glenrowan southbound at 
6.45 am, Caltex Service Station at Tallarook southbound at 8.30 am, and BP Service 
Station Wallan southbound at 9 am. For the Mansfield ride, assemble at 7 am for 
7.30 am departure from BP Service Station Mt Buller Rd. Pick up points — Bonnie Doon, 
Yarck and Alexandra. The riders will not stop, be ready to roll as the groups pass. 

For more information about the ride contact Cate at: 

independentridersg roup@iinet.net.au 

or by phoning 0412 049 504.

Monday, 25 November 2013





From  9  am motorcycles, scooters, sidecars and trikes only will be allowed to  enter Bourke Street from Exhibition Street. Spring Street will be bikes only between Collins and Albert Streets.

This   excellent  cooperation  from  the Victoria Police deserves real thanks. Please pass this message on and obey all the road rules on the day. Ride safely.

We  have a big area to fill so pass this on to family and friends. A person does not have to be on a bike to attend. If you are on a bike, be on the FREEDOM RIDE
next Sunday, December 1, 2013.

And,  we  have  a strong message to send to our politicians. 




These laws effect your right to pick your mates, to go where you want, when you want with who you want. They can effect you job and where you spend your money. I don't want to live in a state like that.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group


Dale Maggs

Good Morning Dale.

I  will  be in charge of the police facilitating your event on Sunday.

I  have liaised with the City of Melbourne and established the traffic plan  set  out  below.  Our  media unit  will  put  the traffic plan information on the Freedom Ride facebook sites to inform riders of how
to  enter the area.  Police will also attend the meeting points on the morning  to pass on the traffic arrangements.  

I am interested to know if  you  have  any marshals arranged to help manage the riders as they gather, ride to and enter the event.       

Traffic  management  for  the Freedom Ride to the Victorian Parliament House on Sunday 1st Dec 2013 

Police and The City of Melbourne have made the following road closures to facilitate the event: 

From  9  am traffic will be stopped from entering Spring Street at the intersections  of  Collins  Street  and Albert Street.  Motorbikes and scooters  will  be  able  to  enter Spring Street from the event entry point  on Bourke Street 
at the intersection of Exhibition Street.  The entry  point  is not for the purposes of police checks but to exclude
motor cars from the area and ensure participant safety.     

All parking inside the road closures will be available for motorbikes.

Police  request  that  bikes are parked on the road at an angle to the curb.   

At  the  conclusion  of  the  event  the road closures will be
opened  to  allow  vehicles to leave from both  ends of Spring Street.

Normal parking and road rules will then apply.

In regards to the spokespeople announced in the media release have you arranged for any audio equipment?  Many events use a flat bed truck as a  portable  stage.  

Can you please let me know what you will be using and if you have a time schedule for your spokespeople?  

We can arrange for  the  footpath  at  the bottom of the Parliament House steps to be kept clear for your use and placement of a vehicle or equipment.  That way the spokespeople can face down Bourke Street to address the crowd.       

Please  give  me  a  call  and  or a reply email regarding these final details. 


Andrew Falconer 
Acting Inspector
Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of the Chief Commissioner

Victoria Police


A FISHERMAN with a bikie past who catches an undersized fish could potentially face jail as the Newman Government fortifies legislation designed to drive criminal motorcycle gangs from Queensland.
Parliament passed a raft of tough amendments late Tuesday night which could see any bikie gang members - past or present - jailed for almost any offence.
The amendments have further widened the power of the Government's anti-gang laws legislation as criminal lawyers warn it will see innocent people behind bars.
The Government will also expand the licensing regime to ban criminal motorcycle gang members from having or applying for licenses across a range of industries including liquor, security (including locksmiths), tow truck, building and construction, pawnbroking, second-hand motor dealers and bookmakers.
However, prominent criminal lawyer Bill Potts, of Potts Lawyers, warned the amendments applied to any person who "has at any time been, a participant in a criminal organisation" and applied to indictable, simple or regulatory offences.
Please don't say if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. And, please don't say that no policeman ever acts without prejudice, fear or favour. Queensland is generating poisonous legislation and the poison is spreading throughout the nation.
If you do not want Australia to become a police state, be at a parliament house near you this Sunday morning and make an appointment to see your local MP. In Victoria MP's contacts are at:
If you don't do anything, don't whine when they knock on your door because you had a chat to a bloke on a ride and were caught on camera.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Sunday, 24 November 2013



VICTORIA'S FREEDOM RIDE is next Sunday, December 1, 2013. Join a ride to town or be at Parliament House in Melbourne by 10 am. You don't have to be a rider to attend. The proposed laws effect you as an Australian citizen. They effect freedom to associate, freedom of assembly, freedom of travel and they can even effect where you spend your money and who employs you.

People power works. They heard us in the past. They will hear us again ... if enough voters show up. You don't have to be a rider to support us in keeping Australia FREE. We vote and 2014 is an election year.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Hi ya Damien.
Bugger me days mate, just when I’m telling my self that I’m tired of being angry and I’m not going to write any more shitty letters, something like this pops up. ARRRGH!
Feel free to send this to anyone who may be interested. However I’ll let you know if it makes print next week.

Here’s to ya.............Aussie.
To Al who thinks only “radicals” would be offended at having to remove items of motorcycle clothing at a pub wake. 

You are absolutely correct in stating that they spoil it for the rest. Many people like you assume  a lot in ignorance. I am an average bloke, I dare say like you, who has raised a family, worked to pay off a mortgage and I have ridden motorcycles for more than half a century. 

I have never been required to remove my Motorcycle Riders Association cloth badge  anywhere. I am a member of The Independent Riders Group which is not about control. 

Damien among others has worked extremely hard over many years organising kid’s charity runs and Red Cross blood runs as well as lobbying to give motorcyclists a better image. With the unfavourable press on outlaw clubs, it is very much an up hill battle. 

I would ask you to do a little research before writing such a damning letter.
Aussie Sadler,
P.O. Box 493,
Mornington 3931.

The Baxter Tavern ban is on colours and logos. That means even company or event logos on t-shirts. The riders attending the Baxter Tavern after a funeral were not wearing outlaw club patches. My information is that they were mature riders from the Ulysses Club, a club where you have to be 40 to be a junior member and a club that has many retired and serving police as members.

Making these mourners leave valuable gear outside if they wanted to hoist a glass to their mate who had ridden on is, in my opinion, despicable bigotry.

There is more on this ban in previous blogs.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group 


THE FREEDOM RIDE is supported by the Independent Riders’Group

Arriving at the steps of Victoria State Parliament, Spring Street Melbourne by 10.00am on Sunday 1st December 2013

Departure Points are as follows:

Ballarat (Eureka Stockade)                      
Start Time   As early as you are able to make it
Departure Time   8.00am
Assemble Point  Cnr Eureka St. and Stawell St. Ballarat.
Contact   Dale Maggs 0432 776 458  dale.maggs@bigpond.com
Craigieburn   (Norther Suburbs)
Northern Suburbs Anti- Association Law Protest Run - (Wolf is the Leader of the Pack)
Start Time  8.30 am
Departure Time   9.00am
Assemble Point    Macca’s - 256 Craigieburn Road, West Craigieburn
Contact  Maggy  0432 776 458   or  benjamincanning@hotmail.com

Start Time   8.45am
Departure Time   9.00am
Assemble Point   Peter Stevens Harley Heaven – 109 Lonsdale street   Dandenong
Contact    Stuart Danhog will be there with team heading for Parliament on his signal

Start Time    8.30a.m
Departure Time   8.50.am
Assemble Point   Geelong Harley Davidson – 72 Mercer Street Geelong

Gippsland West
Start Time    8.am
Departure Time   8.30am
Assemble Point    Longwarry – Caltex Servo city bound

Start Time           8.30am
Departure Time   9.00am
Assemble Point   United Fuels – 1996 Frankston – Flinders Road, Hastings
Pickup Points   Frankston, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Casey, Lyndhurst.
Contact   Sculz   M. 0401869655   Email  Skulz51@live.com.au

Healesville   (Yarra Ranges District)
Start Time   8.30am
Departure Time     9.am
Assemble Point    Monroe’s CafĂ© in Healesville.

Mansfield & District
Start Time   7.00am
Departure Time   7.30am
Assemble Point    BP servo Mt Buller Rd
Pickup Points   Bonne Doon, Yark, Alexandra
Contact   Shane
Regional Victoria
PLEASE, try & organise as many riders as possible from your particular areas.
Aim to roll in between 9.30 - 10am.
Contact us by email if need: independentridersgroup@iinet.net.au
The Independent Riders’ (IRG) Northern has riders from Wodonga, Wangaratta, Swanpool, Shepparton, Tatura, Mildura, Ararat, Deans Marsh, Bendigo, Marong, Welshmans Reef, Ballarat, Mt Macedon, Romsey, Wallan, Healesville & Paynesville.

Start Time   As early as you are able to make it for a 6.00am departure
Departure Time    6.00am
Assemble Point   Fire Station

St Kilda
Start Time   9.00am
Departure Time   9.45 am
Assemble Point   Luna Park Car Park - corner of Shakespeare Grove & Acland Street

Start Time   8.30am
Departure Time   9.10am
Assemble Point   Williamstown boat ramp car park  Cnr North Rd & The Strand
Contact   Choco

 Note: It is our intention to update this list as information comes to hand.

To all riders and pillions coming down from the mountains, far away and local to attend the Freedom Ride, we thank you!

“Protect your right to ride”

Monday, 18 November 2013


Quote: “Motorcyclists have long claimed that wire barriers are dangerous but authorities say how crucial they are.” Unquote. 

A nice cheap shot from Channel Nine News as they show footage of a car bouncing off a rope barrier back in the path of a truck. 

Fact is wire rope barriers have killed motorcyclists who have been chopped up by the metal posts or hideously deformed as a body is “strained” through the wires. Motorcycle safety groups are fully supportive of, and indeed advocate construction of appropriately  designed road safety barriers. 

Let’s face it, anything hitting an object at speed is going to suffer some sort of damage. However an extended smooth surface could make the difference between life and death or even a few broken bones to a totally minced up body. 

Responsible reporting would tell the full story. Good one 9.
Aussie Sadler.
P.O. Box 493,
Vic.  3931.


If you want to rid Victoria of these deadly barriers, go see your MP and tell him/her what you think. They work for you. 2014 is an election year in this state.



If you want to know who is getting the proceeds of our TOY RUN in Melbourne on Sunday, December 8, go see the doco.

It's at the Cinema Nova in Carlton.


Sunday, 17 November 2013


46 bicycle riders are dead in 2013!

The CEO of the NSW Centre for Road Safety is alarmed.

Bicycle deaths are up a third on the national ten-year average.

Who is killing the lycra legions? Same people who kill us and pedestrians, car drivers.

Car drivers will hurt you at your local shops, in your pool, they'll even come through the living room to run over you in your bed.

Since vulnerable road users are not causing much of the mayhem and carnage, how come car drivers pay about the same third party insurance as most motorcycle & scooter riders and pushbike riders don't contribute at all???

I'll be saying more on this subject.



The TOY RUN in Melbourne is on December 8. Donations go to the Father Bob Foundation to help needy families at Christmas.

Who is Father Bob????

Go see "In Bob We Trust". Going to the pictures will help Phillipine cyclone victims.


Father Bob's doco is on at the NOVA cinema in Carlton a Melbourne inner suburb.


Thursday, 14 November 2013


CHRISTMAS is almost here.

It's a time for good will among men (and women). It's a time for helping the less fortunate in our community and for promoting motorcycle & scooter safety.

As motorcycle & scooter riders one of the best ways to promote good will in the community, on the roads and in governments is to be portrayed in a positive way by the media. Rare enough now-a-days.

The best way for Australian riders to get a good run in the media is to attend a TOY RUN. Big parades of motorcycles & scooters through cities and towns generates local and national media. There are more than 50 TOY RUNS across the country over the next few weeks. Try to attend more than one.

Victorian riders, please take just 5 minutes to have a look at the you tube video then pass it on to other riders through the internet, meetings, word-of-mouth, whatever.

The Melbourne TOY RUN is on Sunday, December 8. It departs Alexandra Avenue near the Swan Street Bridge at 11.30 am and travels about 6 kms to Father Bob's in Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. 

Riders do not have to register or pay a fee,  just roll up and help us bring the big parades back to Melbourne.

TOY RUN central is The Vincent (03 9682 6444) on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Page Street.  It's a family day so people bringing the kids in the car should be at The Vincent by noon to watch the bikes arrive.

There are lots of good eateries in the area and the beach is at the end of Victoria Avenue.

Cate, Ivan and Katherine test run The Vincent. www.thevincent.com.au 

Presentation of gifts to Father Bob by The Hon David Hawker OA and drawing of the raffle at 1 pm.

Left to right: Jon, Georges, Cate & Ivan. Ivan will be supplying the music.

Monday, 11 November 2013


See the news story on this in a previous post with the link to the TV news.

South Australian notice? This dangerous pogrom is spreading.


If you don't want Queensland type anti-association laws coming to Victoria, do something for yourself. 

1. Be on the FREEDOM RIDE.

2. Go see your MP

3. Get us some good publicity. Go on a TOY RUN near you.

Don't leave it to the next person. Make the effort. Apathy will kill your right to ride.

Independent Riders' Group 


HERE'S A QUESTION FOR YOU. If the Queensland Attorney General can't even word a law effectively, how can he accurately and fairly judge the 1.3 million Australians who hold licences to ride motorcycles & scooters?

The claim that if you are a law-abiding rider you have nothing to fear is already being proved wrong across Australia.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

There's an excellent article on IRG Northern Facebook; it's a FactCheck: will the Qld bike laws affect innocent riders?


As is now borne out by Naphine announcement this morning, all riders to have reason to be concerned, and need to understand the ramifications.

This is the link to the Premiers media release . . . http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/media-centre/media-releases/8280-victorian-strike-team-cracks-down-on-bikies.html
. . . and this is the ABC News link with a number of relevant items . . .

Cate :-)



In the last episode of Series 2:

We look at a special custom chopper.
We discover the advantages of helmet cameras. 
Jonesy talks to passionate motorcyclist and NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. 
Jonesy finds out about some classic motocross.
We find out why Redfern Motorcycles has moved to Corrimal near Wollongong. 
We find out about racing in the West.
We check out Wild Card Customs. 
Jonesy shows us how to start bikers really young. 
Hirsty reflects on some God Stuff.
We find out what it is like to have the wind in your hair!

Saturday November 16, 2pm on ONE   

Repeated the following Thursday between Midnight  and 2am    
Check you local TV Guides for variations

Friday, 8 November 2013


Ride  on  Tuesday  Night  at  7 pm.
  • We catch up with racing legend and Ten Moto GP Commentator Daryl Beattie to discuss the result's of the last championship round in Valencia, how this exciting season unfolded and what to look forward to in the future.
  • The Bathurst Street and Custom Motorcycle Show has been scheduled for February 1, 2014 and we hope to catch up with the Bathurst Mayor to discuss this event and the future of motorcycling in the Bathurst Region
  • We consider the impact on motorcyclists, the judiciary and the general community in Qld of the new so-called anti-bikie laws and ask 'Was it worth it!'

    And we look at the last episode of Series 2 of Temporary Australians due to air Nov 16 and discuss filming for Series 3 that starts on the same day at the Australian Motorcycle Expo in Sydney

http://alive905.com.au/listenlive/on Alive 90.5 fm with Greg Hirst
    Ride is proudly sponsored by:

    Fraser Motorcycles: check out their stores in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth.





I'm not saying we don't need cops or that all cops are ignorant thugs. But when you do what I do, you get a lot of people telling you of their experiences with police when out riding their motorcycles & scooters.

Most won't let me publish their stories when they involve cops. Most of the ones that will let me publish the information don't want their names attached.

Having given that due consideration over many years, I think it is better to publish the tales making it clear that they might be one point of view, or even fiction. Then I think, why cause trouble? If the cops did what was claimed, surely the riders would make a formal complaint so police behaviour would be "proper" when dealing with law-abiding motorcycle & scooter riders.

I thought the advice, particularly pushed in Queensland at the moment, that legal riders have nothing to fear, was true?

Then I meet a cop who is just plain mean and pig ignorant to boot.

Earlier this year we did a FAIR GO RUN to the office of Liberal MP Cindy McLeish in Seymour. On the highway a police car doogged the column of riders who were riding legally. The highway patrol officer followed the riders to the event. The speeches took about three quarters of an hour. Not a hint of a problem. MP Cindy got up and said her bit. We packed up to head off to the Flowerdale pub for lunch. Good spot.

During the speeches the policeman sat in his police car and watched us obeying the law, presumably on full pay. He was not on the highway protecting the public against law breakers. As I got ready to leave he called the driver of our ute/stage over and proceeded on lecturing him on how to drive. If the ute driver had broken any laws the officer was not pointing that out or booking him. Nor was he getting out of the police car.

I wandered over and asked what the problem was, or some such. I got a lecture on organising events from this middle aged public servant who clearly could not organise good manners let alone a political rally. I took it with a grain of salt until he said. "I've been patrolling the Hume Highway for 30 years. What I say goes. It's my road."

I said. "No it's not. It's the tax payers' road. We pay you."

He got all blustery and I thought he was going to try to book me for something which would have been OK with me. I don't mind a day in court. I gave him my card and told him to take it further if he thought that was warranted. He left.

Then there was the case in NSW where police set up a trap for riders. Drove a 4WD dangerously and booked a lot of people riding legally on trumped up offences. The link to that video is on this blog. Some of the riders fought the matter in court and won. Good on 'em. Have a look.

The Queensland recent insanity with antibike laws has spread to police forces interstate.

Police are bullying hoteliers/publicans telling them they could lose their licences, means of earning an honest living, if they let people from bikie organisations in their businesses. No list of banned organisations. No definitions of clothes, colours or logos. Just load the person trying to make ends meet with the responsibility for who can be his or her customer ... what?!?

Can't happen? It did. The Baxter Tavern banned logos and colours. Hopefully there will be a story on that one in the Frankston Leader in the week ending November 15, 2013.

There's also a pub in Essendon that marched a young couple back into the street for have the cheek to arrive on a bike dressed appropriately. Got to find out more about that one.

Another report from a few weeks back was about a HOG group having a routine meeting at the Beaconsfield Hotel.  Legal machines and riders. Going to spend their money at a local business. Apparently none of that mattered to the highway patrol that pulled up, questioned people then left without charging anyone for anything. Those Victorian cops stopped because there were motorcycles parked there not because there was even the slightest indication of wrong doing. Don't tell me legal riders have nothing to fear from targeted anti-bikie laws and/or media campaigns.

If it had been members of a car club there would have been a stink. Maybe the Herald Sun and RACV would have expressed outrage at the heavy-handed policing. But these were only "bikies" and the chance of bikies standing up for themselves is very low in the eyes of police ... and the cops are right. Bikies rarely stand up for themselves. Apathy is one of or worst enemies.

Yesterday I got a first-hand account of another instance of highway patrol bigotry in Victoria.

An old friend of mine who has lived in China for many years, was horrified at what is happening in Australia. I put that email at the bottom. If something like this happens to you make a formal complaint or you will lose the right to complain. Eventually you'll lose the right to ride.

If you are pulled up by police take photos. Make notes as soon as they go. You may need them.

Go see you local MP with the pix & notes. Make a formal complaint.


Damien Codognotto OAM
SpokesmanIndependent Riders' Group
Hi Damien,

In October 2013 at around 9:20 am I was one of 4 riders from a vintage motorcycle club travelling together from Corryong to Cooma for an annual rally.  We were on bikes, all built between 1947 and 1952 and all on club registration.   

As to the riders, the youngest was in his mid-40's and the oldest (me) in my late 60's.   

At a point around 10 Km from Corryong, we were travelling at around 85 Kph (based on my GPS log) when we were overtaken by a grey Toyota Land Cruiser, which I estimate was travelling in excess of 130 kph - as it overtook us, across double lines, our bikes were severely buffeted by its slipstream.  

Once in front of the lead bike is swerved back onto the correct side of the road then braked very very hard; as a group we needed to take avoiding action else we would have collided with the back of the Land Cruiser.  It was only then that, what we thought were hoons, turned on their Red and Blue lights - it was an unmarked Police Vehicle.  

 We stopped and our lead rider (who just happens to be a senior riding instructor) enquired "what was the problem" as we had done nothing wrong.  The reply was breathtaking "Shut the fuck up; you and your cunt mates get off the road and pull into that fucking side road up ahead and wait for us!"

We did as instructed with the cops following.  Once in the side road we were then told  "turn the fucking engines off - this is a licence and log book check"  Without comment, we each presented our licences and log books.  The cops made a record of our licence details, our registration details and club association (as per the log book).  

I also believe they photographed us covertly.  

After dicking us about for nearly 40 minutes the licences and log books were returned.  No tickets and no warnings were issued; no form of apology for their actions was offered.  

As the cops were getting back into their vehicle one of our number asked where they were from and was told "TOG, Brunswick St, Brunswick".  

They then left, making a U turn heading back towards Corryong.

Just thought you may be interested - the poison is already spreading from Queensland!

Hello Damien.

This is breath taking and way beyond anything that ever happened when I was riding back in Oz many years ago. It's like something from Mad Max!!

In Shanghai, when a cop pulls you over, the first thing they do is salute you before they start discussing the reason why they pulled you over. Not saying things are perfect here, cause they aren't, but they always show respect for offenders. 

Mind blowing isn't it. We say we're the advanced culture???


General Manager
Shanghai Marketing