Friday, 1 November 2013


Go see your local MP about Victoria's anti-bike laws. Tell him/her to raise the issue in state parliament. MPs are your representatives. Never forget, they work for you.
Another important demonstration of our place in society and our right to ride is the TOY RUN on Sunday, December 8 in Melbourne.

This Queensland legislative crackdown  on  bikies  is  very  dangerous to our democracy. If you want Australia to remain a free country these police-state laws  Queensland is pushing have to be stopped. 

They have to be stopped in the media, in the courts and at the ballot box.

Don't  think  this can't happen to me, I'm not a Queenslander. 

It can.  It  is.  Other  states  and territories have anti-motorcycle laws they haven't used yet or haven't voted on yet.

If you want to be allowed to ride your motorcycle without being told what to wear or without having to report  to  your  local  police every time you feel like a ride with a couple  of  mates,  get involved  now!

Be at a protest ride on Sunday, December  1,  2013.  And  encourage  others  to be there, even if they don't ride. Numbers of voters have a direct effect on MPs. 

We ride. We pay. We vote.

Spread the word.  Passing  it on to as many people, facebook
pages and websites as you can.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

The protest Run is on. Make no mistake. Just getting feedback from stakeholders.

This run will be huge.

Dale Robert Maggs
Mobile: 0432 776 458
Yes, it is (on)!  

We have no reason to back out; it is State based, and given (Victorian Premier) Napthine's recent announcement confirming Vic to go same way as Qld, it's essential we make a stand, and now, while all riders are upset about it. 

Of course there's going to be attempts from various parties to abort it, but that's to be expected.  The Vic Govt/Police etc etc etc; none of them will want a protest, no one ever does!  

All good, I'm pressing on with getting it happening in the north east.  

Cate :-)
OK, so they have to do something about outlaw bikie gangs. 

So you don’t ride a motorcycle, but once a precedent is set, these powers will effect everyone eventually. It’s a total violation of free democratic rights. Many similarities to a communist or even Nazi regime.

Look at the link and tell me I’m wrong.
Foot note; The government is now helping it self to private super funds if unclaimed after a certain time as indeed it is with inactive bank accounts after three years! If you and I hack into someone’s account we are charged with robbery. What’s the difference?
Does all this add up to total control by stealth? You tell me!............................Auss.

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