Tuesday, 29 October 2013



Premier Napthine in Victoria today (30/10/2013) launched a state/federal task force to deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs. This provoked serious debate on law & order issues associated with motorcycle riders.

There have been calls for protest rides across the country on Sunday, December 1. And, another Australia Day ride on the nation's capital has been suggested.

Regardless of your opinions on police and/or OMGs, I'd like your comments.

Here are some links related to the issue.


If you want to generate positive publicity on a big run, but aren't too sure about a protest ride, there's always the TOY RUN on Sunday, December 8 in Melbourne. See the links below. 

There are TOY RUNs across the country so do something positive and support your local TOY RUN.

Steve Bardsley from the Victorian Scooter riders' Association with Father Bob in Albert Park (Vic.) promoting this year's TOY RUN.


  1. If you are going to attend a protest run, make sure your bike and your behaviour is squeaky clean. We want to show the govt. and the rest of the public that most of us are law abiding citizens, not criminal elements. Do not give the opportunity for fines or be accused of disreputable behaviour.

  2. I don't like where this is all heading, a loss of freedom and rights. This being driven by the media.