Tuesday, 22 October 2013


In 2006 Norway banned wire rope barriers.

Bureaucrats and businessmen wanted the ban lifted.

Riders wanted the ban to stay.

After considering WRB safety, WRB costs and alternative barriers the roads ministry decided to keep the ban.

Earlier this year a Sydney woman riding to the Supers at Phillip Island died in horrible circumstances at a WRB site on the Cann River Road.

I wrote to VicRoads asking about the "pads" that are being put on some WRB posts presumably at great expense. Is this an admission by the road authority that WRB is more dangerous to riders than is acceptable? 

Does that make the road authority liable for anything? 

Do any of the pad types for WRB posts actually work?

Would the pads have saved the rider's life in the Cann River Road crash?

I passed the information on the WRB ban in Norway on to VicRoads. 

I am very interested in comments on the VicRoads letter below.

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