Sunday, 25 August 2013



Remember when the TOY RUN in Melbourne was big?

Remember when people lined the route and cheered the riders?

Remember when we filled semi-trailers with gifts for kids who wouldn't have had much of a Christmas otherwise?

We're doing it again. This time for the Father Bob Foundation.

Assemble from 10 am on Sunday, December 8, 2013, in Alexandra Avenue near the Swan Street Bridge.

We want cash. Father Bob's volunteers will have receipt books on the day. $2 is a feed for someone. And packaged food, preferably Australian. A can of beans is someone's Christmas dinner. And clothes, blankets and new toys. It makes you feel good to give.

It also makes you feel good to know that this is great PR for motorcycle & scooter riders which leads to a fair go on the road and a fair go in the corridors of power.

And, it's fun. Decorated bikes, costumes and club flags and banners welcome.

Non-riders can meet us at Father Bob's in Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. There's plenty of good places for lunch and the beach is at the end of the street so bring the kids to see the bikes.

Watch this blog for more details.

Feel free to pass this on. Put it on websites and anywhere it will be seen.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Friday, 23 August 2013


Does anyone know anything about the new police "technology" covered by a buried bit in the Herald Sun - Saturday, August 24, 2013?

Any info can be sent to:

Thursday, 22 August 2013


The Victorian Scooter Riders Association (VSRA) asks that all motor scooter and motorcycle organisations support the “No Motorcycle Safety Levy write on campaign”.

We are all aware there will shortly be a federal Election, it is not well known that in Australia voters are allowed to write a message on the blank portion of ballot papers, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have confirmed that providing the written message does not obscure  the numbered squares the ballot paper remains valid.

The Federal Election is a massive opportunity for all motorcyclist to let the AEC and all Politicians know the full depth of support for the removal of the motorcycle safety levy.

This method of protesting is proven and effective; during the December 1981 Tasmanian referendum 33% of all voters wrote “No Dams” on their ballot papers, this saw the “No Dams” campaign promoted at the Federal Election in 1982 with great effect. The “No Dams” write up campaign delivered a 40% write up in the December 1982 Flinders bye election in March 1982 and a 12%  write up during the Lowe bye election in the same year. The AEC and election scrutineers reported this extraordinary support and surge of public opinion. This resulted in the ALP promising not to build the Franklin Dam, a pledge that was honoured by Bob Hawke when the ALP came to office using a “No Dams” policy platform in March 1983.

By participating in the “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY” write on campaign, Motorcycle and Scooter riders can at the coming Federal Election together stand up and be noticed saying NO to the motorcycle safety levy.

Please pass this message on, attached are sample ballot papers marked “NO MOTORCYCLE SAFETY LEVY”, the VSRA requests all motorcycle and scooter riders, their families and friends, be encouraged to take part in this campaign, because together we can make a difference!

Stephen Bardsley

Monday, 19 August 2013


The Ch 9 News item (6 pm. Monday, August 19, 2013.) on the Victorian speed camera commissioner's call for all motorcycle & scooter riders to fit front number plates to their bikes was hardly balanced and fair. The promos featured file footage of riders who would have offended whether there was a front ID law or not. The bloke popping a mono on an unroadworthy trail bike that was unlikely to be registered, didn't even have a back plate I could see. He was hardly going to be worried about fitting a front plate.

Time is short in TV interviews BUT, the VMC's Rob Salvatore got a few seconds to say front plates are dangerous. That was it for our side.

Old footage, dodgy statistics. One sided. This was propaganda.

The 325,000+ Victorian licence holders were again portrayed as a criminal element in society when the Ch 9 voice over told the audience that the commissioner had received a death threat. Viewers are led to believe the threat was made by a rider over the call for front number plates. Hardly a way to promote harmony in traffic.

To the car drivers watching, the promos and the news clip said that motorcycle & scooter riders speed and get off scot free because they can't be identified. In other words we riders are crooks and parasites.

The commissioner wants the cash from fines. The police and RACV want "transponders" fitted to bikes. That bit didn't make it to air but transponders equal compulsory tracking devices. The technology exists. Something similar has been tested in Melbourne.
Only a few third world countries require front ID on bikes. Some places in North America don't even require front plates on cars. And, motorcycles & scooters are not designed or built to have a front number plate or sticker.

The speed camera commissioner wants front number plates on motorcycles & scooters because he says he wants "a level playing field". Presumably he means cars have front plates so it's not fair that bikes don't. But car drivers don't pay the unfair TAC tax of over $70 on most bikes. If you want to level the playing field you can start by adopting the recommendation to abolish the TAC antibike tax.

The commissioner shows his utter contempt for the parliament and the Road Safety Committee who just 8 months ago reported on their research into motorcycle & scooter safety and rejected front ID for bikes.

Go see your MP

Someone should get onto the ABC's Media Watch about this news clip.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Just spoke to the journo at Channel 9 who is doing the story on front number plates for motorcycles & scooters. (11.30 am Monday, August 19, 2013.) She is Chloe Bugelli. The story will go to air tonight at 6 pm. It will run across Victoria. 

Chloe interviewed John Eacott for the Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) for the riders' point of view. The RACV are in favour of front ID for bikes and talk about transponders! That is tags! Compulsory tracking devices. 



An IRG Member sent us a media alert.

Please  pass  this email on and if a call for front ID for motorcycles
is in the media tomorrow ring/email the offending media outlet and let them  know  the Parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety (2012)  rejected  front  ID  for  bikes  and so does the motorcycle & scooter community.

These bastards don't want to let go of this but we do not give up. There is a Victorian election in 2014 and Roads Minister Mulder has a lot to answer for. 

We ride. We pay. We vote.


Hi Damien,

A heads up in case you aren't aware already... there's an item coming up on CH 9 6pm on Monday 19th night which looks like a media beat up/push to get front number plates back on our bikes.

The promo smacked of anti-biker sentiment (as usual!).


An IRG Member.

Friday, 16 August 2013


Ray Robinson, National President of the Blue Liners Motorcycle Club, drops in to chat about the Wall to Wall Ride and other police motorcycling activities.

We try and find out if McAdam Park, Geelong's off-road race track, is being overwhelmed by urban sprawl.

The MRA's Harald Lindemann updates us on preparation the Adelaide Toy Run and discuss last year's ride which features in the first episode of Series 2 of Temporary Australians.

And we talk to Keith Littler to find out what the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party can do for the motorcycling community in Queensland at the Federal Election.

So don't forget to tune in 7pm - 9pm Sydney time on Alive 90.5 FM or listen online on the Alive website and smart phone.

Ride is proudly sponsored by:

Fraser Motorcycles: check out their stores in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth.


Thursday, 15 August 2013


I heard wrong. The item on ABC radio this morning, about the McAdam Park motorcycle track near Geelong in Victoria, did not say non-conformist youth. It said non-conformist use. Puts the whole thing in a slightly different light but I still want to know more about why the project was stopped.

So there you go.



Motorcycle & scooter riders should report dangerous roads to Vic Roads on:

13 11 70

If possible photograph the hazard and get a precise location. Let us know what VicRoads did to remove the danger. Did they fix the problem straight away or did they just put signs up and leave it for weeks or did they ignore it.

Send the info to me at:



The TAC antibike tax fight isn't finished in spite of the limp-wristed response of some.




After months of waiting Series 2 of Temporary Australians will now be seen on ONE,
a free to air digital channel that is part of the 10 Network from Saturday August 31 at 2pm AEST.

This 12 part second series will showcase a wide range of positive motorcycling stories about bike shows, mass motorcycle rides, dirt track racing, police in motorcycling as well as visiting a biker clubhouse in Sydney and going on a poker run in Queensland.

It will reveal the huge Adelaide Toy Run and why the locals love it, check out some great riding around Perth, examine the impact of the Black Dog Ride as well as learn how some riders have survived the school of hard knocks.

Two Melbourne highlights will be last year's Australian Motorcycle Expo and this year's 110 Celebration of Harley Davidson at Williamstown.

There will be stories on women in motorcycling as well as a look at some of the cultural issues such as bikers use of Aussie humour, nicknames and tattoos plus some biker reflections on the controversial anti-association laws and how some riders have figured out the God stuff.

Housos Paul Fenech shares his brand of Aussie humour and why he focuses on motorcycle clubs for a laugh.

We find out how to ride a trials bike over a prone woman without embarrassment and also hear from some learned riders how they have used their riding skills to meet girls... all this and more on Temporary Australians Series 2.

For more go to: 

or call Greg Hirst on 0414 798 440


There may be something in the Geelong Advertiser about this.
ABC Radio. Friday, August 16. 2013. Jon Faine Show.

Apparently  VCAT  have  killed  off a proposal to upgrade a motorcycle
track out of Geelong because locals ran  a  case  against  a  planning
permit application.

The    case   cost   locals   $500,000  and  took  4 years. If I heard
right, one part of the 47 page judgement  said that it was decided not
to allow the track because it would attract "non-conformist youth".

The  sport's  controlling  body  said  it  would  seek  advice  before
commenting. After 4 years why wasn't Motorcycling Australia ready?
You don't waste media time by letting a story go cold.

On  the  little  I  heard,  this  seems  to  be  a case of bigotry and
prejudice  that will have negative effects on both bike safety and the
surrounding  lands  where  some  will  ride illegally because there is
nowhere for them to follow their sport legally.

I hope I got this wrong but it seems like more of the same to me. Discrimination
against riders and a limp-wristed response by rider reps.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

Mobile: 0419 846 855

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Biker Invitation

Brotherhood CMC is holding its annual Remembrance Ride, Service and free BBQ on Sunday September 8.

Everyone is welcome to meet at Frasers at 4pm for the ride in Sydney's west and end up at our clubhouse for a time to remember our mates and their love for the biker lifestyle.

The Service includes a perpetual memorial list. Riders names can be added by calling 02 96350761 or bringing the details along on the day.

Please pass this invitation on to anyone you think may be interested.

Hope to see you there.

Hirsty, Pendo, Grunt, Vic and Robbo 



Just fill in your own details and post it off. It will save you $70 or more.


The Independent Riders' Group strongly opposes the Transport Accident Commission's tax targeting motorcycle & scooter riders in Victoria. Premier Napthine called the TAC tax discriminatory and promised to remove it. The Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety recommended the tax be abolished.

The IRG calls on Premier Napthine to abolish the TAC tax.

There is a double rip off in this. If you have more than one bike you do NOT have to pay more than one TAC tax. This is not publicised by TAC or VicRoads. This in itself is deceptive and another reason the tax must go.

If you have paid the TAC tax more than once in a year write to:

The Manager Registration & Licensing Policy
60  Denmark  Street,
Kew,  Vic.                                                     3101.

Please sign the petition and get others to sign it too.

It cost you nothing to sign and it might save you over $70 a year.


Saturday, 10 August 2013


Please pass this information on.

On 10/08/2013 6:35 PM, Independent Riders' Group wrote:
Hello all again!

Check out what I've put on Whirlpool Forum . . .

  • Forums   
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycles
  • Important: Victorian TAC Safety Levy
    PLEASE NOTE – Private motorcycle owners with more than one registered motorcycle only pay the Levy on ONE of their bikes.
    VicRoads won't tell you this – you have to ask!
    Please, use this link to enquire to VicRoads as to why you have been charged the TAC safety levy on all your Motorbikes, when only applicable to one.
    Also, how long they have been doing that for, and when you will be receiving a refund of overpaid levies.
    Come on everyone; let's put these mongrels under pressure!
    From VicRoads . . .
    'The Motorcycle Safety Levy is an addition to the TAC premium included on registration renewals for motorcycles with a capacity of 126cc and over. Special purpose vehicles, recreation registered motorcycles, motorcycles used solely for primary production operations and veteran, vintage, or classic motorcycles with club permits are exempt. Private motorcycle owners with more than one registered motorcycle only pay the Levy on one of their bikes.'
    PO Box 63, Broadford Victoria 3658
    On 10/08/2013 2:46 PM, Independent Riders' Group wrote:
  • Here's the link, and what I've put on Facebook . . .


    Please do as one of our Members has done this week. Use this link to enquire to VicRoads as to why you have been charged the TAC safety levy on all your Motorbikes, when it's only applicable to one. 
    Also, how long they have been doing that for, and when you will be receiving a refund of overpaid levies.
    Come on everyone; let's put these mongrels under pressure! 
    PO Box 63, Broadford Victoria 3658

    Friday, 9 August 2013


    Good one Cate & Michael

    Dale Robert Maggs
    Mob 0432 776 458
    Independent Riders Group

    On 10/08/2013, at 1:40 PM, Independent Riders' Group <> wrote:

    Hello everybody.

    Thinking we should encourage everyone to do what Michael has done. See below.

    He has emailed VicRoads seeking an explanation as to why he has been charged the TAC levy on both his bikes, and how long that has been going on for.  He will, of course, be seeking a refund!

    I'm putting something on Facebook now too.

    I'll let you all know if/when he gets a reply . . . should be interesting!!


    To VicRoads.

    Subject: Registration


    Why am I being charged 2 motorcycle safety levy's? One for each bike, both in my name, both at the same address, and how long has this been going on for. Not happy, and will be seek legal advise unless this is rectified. Vic roads fess up to the blatant ripoff.

    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Fwd: ETS Webmail #500599783 is now allocated for action.
    Date:    Sat, 10 Aug 2013 12:00:22 +1000
    From:    Michael
    To:    Cate

    Begin forwarded message:

    *From:* "ETS No Reply"
    *Date:* 5 August 2013 13:10:01 AEST
    *Subject:* *ETS Webmail #500599783 is now allocated for action.*

    Dear Michael

    VicRoads is pleased to advise that your email enquiry has been
    allocated for action and your reference number is 500599783

    Please record this number and refer to it in any future discussions
    related to your enquiry.

    A VicRoads customer service operator will endeavour to reply to your
    email in the next 7 business days.

    Please do not reply to this mail box as it is unattended. If the
    matter is urgent, please contact our call centre on 13 11 71, or visit
    your nearest Customer Service Centre.

    Thank you for your patience.

    A copy of the submitted enquiry is attached below for your reference.

    Subject: Registration

    Comments: Hello, why am I being charged 2 motorcycle safety levy's.
    One for each bike, both in my name, both at the same address, and how
    long has this been going on for. Not happy, and will be seek legal
    advise unless this is rectified. Vic roads fess up to the blatant ripoff.

    Kind Regards,


    VicRoads Service Standards:

    VicRoads service delivery standards ensure that you will receive a
    response to your email within 7 business days. This allows VicRoads
    time to process and research enquiries to provide an accurate and
    timely reply.



    This press clipping does not mention the law against using a mobile phone while driving. It does not mention the danger inherent in driver distraction. It reads as though this "app" is designed to be used on the drive to work. 

    Since 70% of cars on our roads carry just one person, the driver, many will be tempted to access this traffic information on their mobile phones while driving excusing the risk to other road users by saying VicRoads provide and promote this service.

    Here's what I wrote to the paper. Below that is what Roads Minister Mulder's office wrote to me. Gary Blackwood MP does not mention the Herald Sun item, praises VicRoads and holds these bungling bureaucrats UNaccountable.



    BRILLIANT  VICROADS! (Herald Sun. June 27, 2013.) Forty  cameras  will
    feed  road photos to smart phones  every  two  minutes.   These images
    will  distract  car  drivers on  their   way  to  and  from  work. The
    old-fashioned,  but safer, radio traffic reports are not good enough for
    Australia's trendiest road authority.

    Motorcycle and scooter riders, bicyclists and pedestrians beware.

    "Sorry  mate.  I didn't see you." is not an excuse. It is an admission
    of negligence or incompetence or both.

    Damien Codognotto OAM
    Independent Riders' Group

    Thursday, 8 August 2013


    • We catch up with Ducati rider and Federal Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker to discuss motorcycling at a Federal level and what riders can expect from the Coalition after the recent Federal Members and Senators Motorcycle Ride and with the upcoming Federal Election.
    • Shaun Lennard  fills us in on this year's Australian Motorcycle Council AGM and the issues that will be discussed there.
    • The MRA's Harald Lindemann updates us on preparation the Adelaide Toy Run and discuss last year's ride which features in the first episode of Series 2 of Temporary Australians
    • And we discuss the latest news on the Temporary Australians airing date and a move to commercial television
    So don't forget to tune in 7pm - 9pm Sydney time on Alive 90.5 FM or listen online on the Alive website and smart phone.

    Ride is proudly sponsored by:

    Fraser Motorcycles: check out their stores in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth.


    Wednesday, 7 August 2013



    Please sign this petition and get as many others as you can to sign it too.

    At worst you continue to pay the unfair TAC antibike tax in Victoria. At best you save $70 a year. What have you got to lose?

    The parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety recommended the TAC tax be abolished.

    Premier Napthine promised he would abolish the tax.

    Tuesday, 6 August 2013


    Hi All,

    This weekend at All Moto Cafe Healesville....

    Saturday 10th August 2013 - AMC Happy Hour 2pm-3pm
    Buy one regular coffee and get a second for free

    Sunday 11 August 2013 - Healesville Hot Rod Happening 
    From 9am at All Moto Cafe - The Weather forecast is looking great
    Come in for a delicious breakfast. great coffee and chat with other Enthusiasts 

    Breakfast Special: Egg and Bacon roll or toastie with a regular coffee $8.00

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend

    All Moto Cafe
    335 Maroondah Highway,
    Healesville VIC 3777
    03 5962 2662