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Today the Victorian Minister for Roads announced that Victorian motorcycle riders will have a safer start on the roads, with the phasing in of the new M-GLS starting later this year. The M-GLS is being introduced in two stages over the next 18 months to help make new riders, safer riders. Please find attached below the Minister's media release on M-GLS.

Information on the new M-GLS is available on the VicRoads website.

Apparently the announcement of the GLS included the claim that high visibility protective clothing (dayglo vest) were effective in reducing bike crashes. Something about peer-reviewed research. We certainly were not told about any peer reviewed research, nor were we told the launch of the GLS was close.

IF VicRoads/TAC/police is pushing for compulsory dayglo vests again we wonder what else is hidden in the GLS legislation?

The Wangaratta Chronicle. June 2012.


The GLS introduces a hi viz vest law and a lights on law. These are only
for novices for now but unless there is real opposition to the way government
treats riders in this country, just enjoy riding while you can because
VicRoads/TAC/police are working with quizzlings to remove your right to ride.
And it's happening in every state and territory.

The  lights-on law changes the rider's legal/insurance standing if the
car  driver  says. "I did not see the bike. It did not have its' light
on."  The onus is then on the rider to prove that the smashed headlamp
was on.

The  lights-on  ADR  was  enough. This is aimed at making it harder to
ride and to make car drivers less accountable.

Over the coming decade this set of laws will do enormous damage to the
motorcycle industry.

The  compulsory  dayglo vest law will gradually be expanded to include
all  riders  and  more  gear  making  riding  to  work  more  and more

Minister Mulder only heard what VicRoads wanted him to hear pretending
that MAG supports this insane law.

And  the  media  release  tries  to make the unfair TAC tax look good.
Millions of dollars taken from riders in this disgraceful rip off will
be used to implement and promote the GLS

And my information is that the VMC supported this law and its' funding
at  a  recent MAG meeting in spite of the PIMS recommendation that the
TAC safety levy be abolished.

Go see your MP

Hi Damien,

"There is no documented evidence proving fluorescent vests/jackets improve motorbike rider safety,which is a push from Sgt Gore Victoria Police".
Check is out (see below).

Hi Damien

Here are the pages from the Dec 2012 Road safety Committee  report;
I particularly point out the committee is unable to support hi-viz.

I have put out a little statement on our Stop-SMIDSY facebook, based
on this comment:

The Victorian Parliament Road Safety Committee Report of Dec 2012
made 64 recommendations on Motorcycle Safety.

Recommendation number one was for the creation of an independent
office of road safety data. So far this has been "accepted in
principle" but ignored. This has been the same with many
well-received recommendations, including those relating to attitudes
by Victorian Government Agencies, the Motorcycle Safety Levy, a star
rating system for protective motorcycle clothing, and a call review of
lane filtering.

The absence of independent data was seen as a crucial impediment to
policy making.

The Minister must explain why he has chosen to create his own
priorities. However the minister appears to think that Hi-Viz an
issue in Victoria, when it has been dismissed in so many
jurisdictions, and where the RSC said there is a need for shared
responsibility on our roads. Why have so many well-informed recommendations
been overlooked?


Monday, 28 April 2014


Posted on 25 April 2014 .

Motor Vehicle Registration Increase

Revenue Measures To Support Record Transport Infrastructure

* Revenue measures will help to fund job-creating infrastructure across Victoria
* Modest rise in motor vehicle stamp duty and registration from 1 July.
* Victorian Coalition Government will ensure its transport projects are fully funded

Modest increases to motor vehicle stamp duty and registration will support
a major boost to road and transport infrastructure across Victoria,
Treasurer Michael O¹Brien announced today.

Mr. O'Brien said the Victorian Coalition Government is managing the
economy responsibly to fund new job-creating infrastructure and deliver
record investment in frontline services.

The revenue measures will be outlined in the 2014-15 Victorian budget and
will commence from 1 July 2014.

Since coming to office the Coalition Government has taken strong action
to repair Victoria¹s finances from the mess Labor left behind. Mr.O'Brien said.
Only through responsible economic management does Victoria have the
strongest government finances in Australia. We are committed to delivering
more jobs, better infrastructure and maintaining our AAA credit rating.
The Coalition Government will be delivering major new job-creating infrastructure for
Victorians in this budget. In particular, motorists and the transport industry know that
Victoria needs significant road and transport upgrades after eleven years of
Labor neglect.

The $25 fee increase for motor vehicle registration amounts to less than
50 cents a week. Mr. O'Brien said. The measures announced today will raise an
additional $136.8 Million in 2014-15 to help fund new road infrastructure and to
support opportunities for workers in the automotive industries. Further detail regarding
these initiatives will be released in the budget. Since 2011-12, around $10.6 Billion for new
roads and improvements to metropolitan and rural roads has been funded by the Coalition

The Coalition Government is fully funding its infrastructure program, unlike Labor whose
transport promises so far are unfunded by $19 Billion. Mr. O'Brien said. Victorians know
that they can¹t trust Labor with our economy or major projects, as demonstrated by
Labor's myki and desal debacles.

Increase In Rate Of Stamp Duty On Motor Vehicles

Stamp duty on the purchase of new or used motor vehicles will rise by
$0.40 per $200 or part thereof, commencing from 1 July 2014.
This means:

* The rate on motor vehicles will rise from 3.0 % to 3.2 % for new passenger cars valued
below the luxury car tax threshold.
* The rate on motor vehicles will rise from 5.0 % to 5.2 % for those valued above the threshold.
* The rate on new non-passenger cars will rise from 2.5 % to 2.7 %.
* The rate on used vehicles will rise from 4 % to 4.2 %.

These measures will have a modest impact on overall vehicle costs, for instance:

*  On a new standard 4 cylinder family car, such as a Toyota Corolla Ascent, with a new
purchase value of $20,000, duty will rise by $40 from $600 to $640.
* On a used Toyota Corolla Ascent with a purchase value of $10,000, duty will rise by $20
from $400 to $420.
* On a new BMW 520i with a purchase value of $80,000, duty will increase by $160 from
$4,000 to $4,160.

Victoria will retain its competitive position by interstate standards.
Increase In Motor Vehicle Registration Fee
Light vehicle registration fees will rise by an extra $25 from 1 July 2014
to $270. A light vehicle is a car, motorcycle, motor trike or a truck that
weighs 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) or less. Existing concessions
will continue to apply. Existing concessions include a 50 % discount for
pensioners, health care card holders, and primary production vehicles.
Victoria¹s $270 registration fee renewal for a standard family car will
remain lower than other states such as New South Wales and Queensland. For
example, registration fees on a 2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent are typically
$330 in New South Wales and $328.90 in Queensland.
Victoria is also competitive after taking into account compulsory third
party insurance charges with total registration renewal costs on a 2013
model Toyota Corolla Ascent around $745 in Victoria. By comparison,
typical total registration renewal costs on the same vehicle in New South
Wales and the ACT is over $900.

Legislative amendments to give effect to these changes will be introduced into Parliament
on Budget day.

On 29/04/14 10:02 AM, "DAMIEN CODOGNOTTO OAM" wrote:

The Hon Michael O'Brien MLA

Dear Sir.

Over  the  Easter/ANZAC  break  there  was  talk of an increase in car registration fees of $32 per vehicle. (It was $25 for bikes the same as cars.)

However,  motorcycles  & scooters do not seem to have made it into the media. If  there  is  to  be an increase in motorcycle & scooter registration fees please send us the details.

Independent   Riders  Group  (IRG)  policy is that people who use more efficient  forms  of  transport  should  pay  less  to  use our roads. Motorcycles and scooters are far more efficient commuter vehicles than cars in terms of pollution, space, road damage and parking.

The   2012   Federal  report on Australian Cities motorcycle & scooter stakeholders  are  too  often left out of discussions on transport and safety issues.

Was  a proposal to increase motorcycle & scooter registration fees put to the Motorcycle Advisory Group at VicRoads?

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Saturday, 19 April 2014

TOY RUN 2014

Please pass this on to website and newsletter editors and put the date in your diary.

The TOY RUN for the Father Bob Foundation in Melbourne
is on Sunday, December 7, 2014. This is a volunteer event with all donations going to Father Bob.

The Independent Riders Group will run a raffle and sell t-shirts to cover costs. Costs above that come out of members pockets.

We need cash donations, tinned food, clothes and toys.

There will be rides to Father Bob's from Mordialloc, Campbellfield and Werribee. We want bring the big runs back to Melbourne, generate some positive media and help a worthy cause.

Positive media generates respect.



Please pass this TOY RUN information on to club members and friends.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group





NEW   IN-CAR  OFFENCES  CAMERAS  are  consistent with police
command policy of recent years, technology before people.

The   best   way  to  enforce  in-car  offences  laws on our congested
streets is to employ more officers on motorcycles.

The   taxpayer   gets  a  high-visibility  police  presence,  stronger
evidence  for  successful  prosecutions  and the police force provides
more employment.

Police  should  ride sensible motorcycles like our paramedics. They ride
mid-sized   machines able to penetrate heavy traffic. As recommended by the
coroner, police should patrol in pairs for work place safety.

Benefits    include    police   on   bikes   booking    drivers    for
unroadworthy  cars,  licence  offences and outstanding warrants. Plus they get
to medical emergencies quicker. These are things the new, expensive cameras
can not do.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Saturday, 12 April 2014


When Australian motorcycle & scooter riders unite again, we will see demos like the French ones in our citries. We will also see improvements in bike laws and taxes. It's up to you, the riders, really.

Make your first move by meeting your MP in MAY. Join the IRG. Buy the T-shirt.



Thursday, 10 April 2014


Have I got this right?

Cars  are  now  allowed  to  cross  solid  and  double  lines to avoid

The  solid  and  double  lines,  as  far as I can tell, are to prevent
head-on collisions.

I  may  be  taking my own sanity too seriously but I reckon this is an
insane law.

I  suspect  anyone  who  has  ridden  the  St Andrews / King Lake road
(Vic.)  on a weekend recently will feel that allowing drivers to cross
double lines is issuing licences to kill.


I think you can just cross the centre line, but this is madness, unlicensed,
unregistered bicycle riders will have more of the road than anyone else.
Practically this means 2 bicycles riding abreast must given an additional 1
metre clearance and this will give them the whole lane and so compel cars to
have to use the other side of the road, this is why crossing the centre line
onto the other side of the road will be allowed. This is traffic management
insanity and it really has gone too far.


Grrrrr . . . this makes me mad!

Only in Qld of course; the State of Seriously Stupid Laws.

If cyclists are going to have so much consideration on roads, they MUST be required to be registered and contribute to road use costs the same as all other vehicles.

If cyclists are going to be afforded this kind of 'consideration' by other road users, WHEN are motorcyclists & scooter riders, going to be afforded similar considerations by vehicle drivers when already contributing financially to road use at an often higher rate than cars?

This is all so wrong. :-(

Cate :-)

Monday, 7 April 2014


On Tuesday at 7pm  on Ride :
  • Shaun Lennard from the Australian Motorcycle Council updates us on some national motorcycling issues
  • We chat about the proposed 'universal road user charging model' and discuss if it is fair to motorcyclists
  • We chat to Jonesy from Temporary Australians and see how he is recovering from his motorcycle spill
  • Sparrow from the Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show reports on the Stunt Riders Ride Off at the Show on April 18
  • We discuss news about the new test site in Southern NSW to test a motorcycle safety barrier system to improve safety for motorcyclists.
  • We note a changed attitude in the Labor Party concerning laws that attack people's right to associate and protest
  • Plus news of lots of other motorcycle fun coming up

Ride is proudly sponsored by:

Fraser Motorcycles. Check out their stores in Sydney, Wollongong, Perth, Melbourne and Newcastle

Skillmaster Motorcycle Services . Check out their website for training options

Listen live on:

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AN INDEPENDENT RIDERS GROUP MEMBER went to see the local MP, Joanne Duncan MLA. Our member was concerned that the 2012 parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety was at best being ignored by Victorian road authorities.

Of particular concern was stakeholder representation on the Motorcycle Advisory Group at VicRoads. 

VicRoads controls advice from stakeholders to the Minister concerned. In this case it is Roads Minister Terry Mulder.

One letter from one MP is good. 100 is better. 1000 will see changes to protect our safety and right to ride.

Make MAY your month to visit your local MP's office. Tell the staff what you want and make an appointment to see the MP. He or she works for you. MPs are most likely in their electorates on Mondays and Fridays when parliament does not sit. 

Don't wait for someone else to do it. A handful of active lobbyists can't see every MP in the state. Do something besides whining about police hassles, bad drivers, restrictive laws and high costs.


Friday, 4 April 2014


A letter from an American magazine was posted on the Independent Riders group face book page. 

It raised traffic filtering laws that would restrict riders and compulsory dayglo vests in the US. Similar problems to OZ but the yanks give a damn about their rights and a significant number of them actually do something about protecting them.

The legislative bother Australian motorcycle & scooter riders find themselves in has more than one cause.

Rider behavior gives road authorities excuses to recommend and too often make laws that restrict riders. Crazy commuters lane slpitting at speed and boy racers on public roads damage our cause. 

But our bureaucracies are way to strong. Bureaucrats tell our elected representatives what to do and we make it easy for them by electing gutless MPs because we are too lazy to think about our law makers and their policies.

I know people at VicRoads who consider making a law a career-significant move. It doesn't matter how their work effects the average Victorian when there's a promotion to be had. They give the Minister their version of advice to further restrict riding because it is dangerous. They use their media unit to spin it just right so car drivers accept it. 

TAC takes a discriminatory and immoral $75+ a year tax off most riders. Many don't even realise it, but that OK, the Minister is too gutless to do anything about it. Car drivers thinks it's good and most riders just accept it.  

Police blitz number plate holders and helmet cameras and pull up safe riders when there a lunatics in cars really doing the wrong thing, putting lives at risk. The drivers get away with it because police patrols are in safe areas pulling up riders. Have a look at the King Lake / St Andrews Road one weekend.

Most of the bureaucrats generating antibike propaganda and proposals in OZ are car drivers with little or no expertise in on-road riding. They consider motorcyclists to be easy targets because we are stupid and we just lay there and take it.

The political apathy in the motorcycle & scooter communities in OZ is another reason we get bad laws, taxes and blitzes with little or no road safety benefit.

How many of you reading this have been to your MP's electoral office and told the staff how you feel? What you want? It's not hard. It just takes a bit of time. How many of you have actually asked for an appointment and met your MP? Don't tell me. I'll get depressed.

And, motorcycle & scooter business people are just as politically apathetic.

There are more than 1.3 million road bike licence holders in OZ. If just 1% (13,000) of them went to see their MP in a month things would change. This is an election year in Victoria. We go to the polls in November 2014.


We are losing our freedom. It's your democracy. Use it or lose it. 

Call 03 8682 2653 for a free copy of this tax-payer funded DVD. It is worth watching.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


The Mayor of Wyndham City returned my call/email yesterday. I got the impression he was a bit surprised that motorcycle & scooter riders would want to be included in the commuter race. He said a council officer would send a response explaining how the event was organised. I'll post it here when it comes. 

And, we got a reply from Wyndham City Councillor too. See below.

The point is our elected officials do not know our problems unless we tell them. No one else will. VicRoads carefully cleanses what Roads Minister Mulder sees. Go to your MP's office and tell the staff what you want as a rider. Ask for a meeting. He/she is your representative.


In an exercise to promote bicycle riding, the Wyndham City Council south west of Melbourne ran a race for commuters on April 2, 2014.  The competition was over 30 kms to Federation Square in the CBD. Competitors used public transport, cars and bicycles.

The Age newspaper reported the results and showcased Melbourne's chronic traffic congestion.

These sorts of stunts are not new. And, true to form, the race excluded motorcycles and scooters. The Independent Riders Group and the Victorian Scooter Riders Association would have been happy to enter motorcycle and scooter riders in the event.

Many of Victoria's 326,000 bike licence holders feel there are only two possible explanations for excluding motorcycles and scooters from this race. Bigotry and/or ignorance. 

Bigotry in that race organisers just don't like people who ride motorcycles and scooters. 

Ignorance in that race organisers know nothing about commuting by motorcycle or scooter.

But, it is more likely that race organisers felt that motorcycle and scooter riders would easily win and so the bicycle promotion would be a bit of a flop.

The number of commuters making the legitimate choice to ride to work in Melbourne grows steadily. But, local and state governments are reluctant to promote safe commuting on powered two-wheelers.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure report on Australian Cities 2012 documents the benefit to our cities from commuting on motorcycles and scooters. Minister Mulder and the Wyndham Council should read it. Pages 81, 82 and 83.


Thank you for your email. 

I was going to bring this up with our Council because two people spoke with me about this race yesterday. I was asked the question also - why did we not include motor bikes and scooters in this race to the City?

Damien, it was not a bicycle race - it was all forms of travel and highlighting the congestion on our roads

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention

Heather Marcus
Iramoo Ward Councillor
City of Wyndham

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


***PLEASE SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE including email, for those not on Facebook***

Dates for your diary:

Sunday, November 16, 2014. State Parliament in your capital city.

Sunday, January 25, 2015. Federal Parliament in Canberra.
It is important for riders to be seen at as many lawful protests as possible.

Although Australia Day Weekend in Canberra is organised by riders, it is an ALL INCLUSIVE event highlighting the potential loss of freedoms to ALL citizens, facilitated by the introduction of unfair anti-association laws around Australia.

These laws can be, and in some cases, have been applied, to non riding Australians. 

It is a blatant breach of our civil liberties to be judged by the company we choose to keep, the clothes we choose to wear, or our choice to display body art.  Riders should not be discriminated against for their choice of transport.

NB  The copy from FB below included the 'Bill of Rights Protest' flyer, and yes, there is a typo in it; we do know Parliament has an 'a' after the 'i'! *Bear, can you correct please? :-)

IF the States are serious about supporting a truly united stand, then don't hold State based events the same weekend, and the clubs with annual rally's etc make an exception on this occasion, and we do, just for a change, stand a chance at being united as riders Aust wide. Please share as widely as possible, including copying, and attaching to emails, for those not on FB. Thanks

Independent Riders Group
Northern Register