Monday, 29 September 2014


There will be an interview on ABC RADIO Ballarat in Victoria on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. It will be on the state's compulsory conspicuity laws. The Ballarat Courier newspaper ran my letter to the editor on the subject so the local radio station rang me to set up an interview on the subject.

TALKBACK: 1300 303 468.

TEXT:  0467 842 722.

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Sunday, 28 September 2014




Australian TOY RUNs began in Perth, Newcastle and Melbourne in the 1970s. In 2014 there are more than 50 in cities and towns across OZ. If you want to make a positive statement about being Australian, make the effort, grab an Aussie flag and fly it at a TOY RUN. Help us get the best things about Christmas in Australia and Australian motorcycling into the main stream media.

THE PENINSULA TOY RUN. Frankston, Vic. Saturday, December 6, 2014. Includes a memorial for John Smollen. TOY RUN organiser for many years who, sadly, took his last ride. Departs Frankston Pier for Rosebud at 10 am sharp.

MELBOURNE TOY RUN FOR FATHER BOB. Four assembly areas so far. Sunday, December 7. Destination: 91 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. Melway map 2J reference J 8. Family and friends not riding can go directly to Father Bob's to watch the bikes arrive about noon.

Albert Park has great eateries and Jock's ice creamery is a must for kids. The beach is at the end of the road too. Spend your money locally and keep local businesses happy. I'm having lunch at the Beach Hotel on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Beaconsfield Parade.

WERRIBEE ASSEMBLY AREA. Chatterbox Coffee Shop. 63 Watton Street, Werribee. Melway map 205 reference J 8. Run leader is Dean. Assemble from 9.30 am. No fees. No ride registration. Just roll up. Please do not overtake on the run.

EPPING ASSEMBLY AREA. The BP Servo corner cooper Street and Scanlon Drive. Melway map 181 reference D 11. Run leader is John. Assemble from 9.30 am. No fees. No ride registration. Just roll up.

MORDIALLOC ASSEMBLY AREA. The inbound service lanes in the main street near the top round about. Melway map 92 reference E 1. Run leader is Slim. Assemble from 9.30 am. No fees. No ride registration. Just roll up. Departs at 11 am. The route is up the Nepean Highway, left at South Road, right at Beach Road then right into Victoria Avenue.

CRANBOURNE ASSEMBLY AREA. The Hungry Jack's car park. To be confirmed. Run leaders Barbara & Tony. Assemble from 9.30 am. No fees. No ride registration. Just roll up.

This is a special year for Barbara & Tony. Barbara has organised 30 annual TOY RUNs. The route is up the Monash Freeway taking the Batman Avenue off ramp, across the Swan Street Bridge and left on to Ferrars Street from City Road then right into Bridport Street which becomes Victoria Avenue.

GEELONG HOG  TOY RUN. Sunday, December 14. Assemble on the  Geelong waterfront. .

GIFTS. New toys and clothes do a lot of good. Pre-loved soft toys can be a problem for charities because they have to pay for them to be cleaned. Tinned food means a person who might go hungry at Christmas gets a feed. And, of course money is most welcome. Even a single coin makes a difference. Lots of single coins make a big difference.

SAFETY. All road laws apply. Please do not overtake on the ride. If you want to leave the run, indicate left, pull over when it's safe and wait for the column to pass before moving on.

For more details use these links:


Saturday, 27 September 2014


From the Melbourne Herald Sun?

If you are coming to the OZ GP at Phillip Island beware the statewide police blitz on bikes. A Dandenong Highway Patrol officer was quoted in the local paper saying. "My officers will be pulling up just about every bike they see."

It's already started. We are getting complaints about roadside lectures for doing absolutely nothing wrong. It's happened to me earlier this year. See earlier blog. And, if a rider queries a constable in this sort of situation the policeman will, too often, look for something utterly trivial to book the rider for.

The following Q & A was sent to me.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Q. What have you done about your pledge to work towards resolving the current inequity that exists between motorcyclists and other road users where motorcyclists are not detected when committing traffic offences due to the lack of a front numberplate?
A. On August 2 this year, Victoria Police announced a tender process to deliver an upgrade to their mobile camera technology. Within the scope of this tender is the evaluation of technology that will capture front as well as rear licence plates.
Q. What have you done about increasing the penalty for obscured numberplates?
A. VicRoads is currently working with Victoria Police on a project looking at appropriate penalties for motorcyclists who do not display numberplates that are identifiable. We expect this project to be completed by the end of 2014.
Q. What have you done about encouraging the Federal Government to introduce an Australian Design Rule for ABS to be fitted on all new motorcycles sold in Australia?
A. Consultation is continuing with the Federal Government on the requirement for implementing an Australian Design Rule for Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) on motorcycles
Victoria will contribute funding to a project being undertaken by Monash University Accident Research Centre into the likely costs and benefits of introducing this standard on a national basis,
Q. What have you done about introducing a graduated licensing system for motorcyclists to help beginners develop critical riding skills under safe conditions?
A. Learner and newly-licensed motorcyclists will also have a safer start on the roads, with the phasing in of the new Graduated Licensing System, 1 October 2014.
This involves new or extended requirements for learners and newly licensed riders, including zero blood alcohol a ban on mobile phone use extended from 12 months to three years.
In a move to improve their visibility, novice, or newly licensed motorcyclists, will have to have their headlights on at all time, while learners will be required to wear high visibility vests.
The second stage of the rollout of the motorcycle GLS involves a new on-road test and enhanced training, which will come into effect from late 2015.
Q. What have you done about developing new education materials that highlight to motorcyclists the benefits of wearing protective clothing?
A. The TAC will investigate the need to redevelop its existing ‘Get Your Gear On’ brochure on protective clothing.
New information to be included in the brochure will be informed by the protective clothing testing pilot program. The pilot program, which is almost finished, involves testing the protective quality of motorcycle gear against the European standard.
The TAC will continue to promote the importance of wearing protective clothing at a number of motorcycling events including the Australian Moto Grand Prix, the Motorcycle Expo and the Victorian Road Race Championships.
Q. What have you done about introducing a mandatory requirement for motorcyclists and scooter riders to wear boots that are at least ankle high?
A. VicRoads is working towards finalising the requirements for mandatory footwear for motorcyclists and scooter riders, following consultation with motorcycle groups.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


To motorcycle & scooter riders who are in the RACV. Please share this. Get it as many riders as you can, any way you can.

INDEPENDENT RIDERS GROUP MEMBER Rod Brown has been keeping an eye on the situation at the RACV. There are five candidates running for election to the RACV Board.

Two are already on the Board. Three are not. These three have pro motorcycle & scooter policies.


In my opinion, it is your interest as an RACV member and as a motorcycle or scooter rider to vote two of three non Board members on to the RACV Board. You can only vote for two candidates.

The three to vote for are John Presley (What he offers is in an earlier blog. Scroll down.), Amanda Stone (See Below) and Trent McCarthy.

I spoke to John and Amanda at length and I think they are good value.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 9:30 PM, Amanda Stone <> wrote

Amanda Stone and Trent McCarthy

If elected to the RACV Board we would promote integrated and sustainable transport planning, where the use of road space is maximised for all modes, including bicycles, public transport and motorcycles & scooters. 

Motorcycles are an efficient and more sustainable form of motorised transport than the private car and play an important role in reducing congestion, moving more people, and using the road space more effectively. As fuels change into the future, motorcycles will become an even more sustainable form of private transport.

We would advocate for:
·         a seat at the RACV table for motorcycles and scooters, consultation on issues relevant to these modes, and access to RACV services, including representation in Royal Auto
·         continued focus on safety for cyclists, motorcyclists and scooter users
·         recognition of the role these forms of transport play in a more sustainable and efficient transport mix
·         ongoing review of regulations surrounding use of road space to better cater for cyclists, scooters and motorcycle users.

Authorised by Amanda Stone and Trent McCarthy.



THE MELBOURNE TOY RUN  for Father Bob in 2014 will include four rides to Father Bob's in Albert Park. Werribee, Epping, Mordialloc and Cranbourne.

The TOY RUN assembly area in Mordialloc has been moved to make way for a triathalon in Beach Road. Riders will now assemble in the inbound service lane of the main street of Mordialloc near the top round about. This assembly area looks better and has coffee shops. The original site is not far away and triathalon officials will be informed to direct motorcycles & scooters to us.

TOY RUN 2014 assembly area, main street Mordialloc.

We will assemble in Mordialloc from 10 am and depart at 11 am.

Slim will lead the Mordialloc run.

The new route to Father Bob's in Albert Park will be up the Nepean Highway to a left at South Road to a right at Beach Road and on to a right at Victoria Avenue in Albert Park.

If riders buy a tin of food a week between now and the TOY RUN, you'll have at least 10 cans of tucker that could be Christmas dinner for someone who might go hungry but for Father Bob.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


THE FAMOUS CRANBOURNE TOY RUN will come to Father Bob's on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

For thirty years the CRANBOURNE TOY RUN has been organised by Barabara Maggs and Tony Jenner. That's right 30, three zero years. This is a 100% volunteer event. 

The MELBOURNE TOY RUN is a fantastic Christmas tradition for our city. Be a part of it. No ride registration or fees, just roll up to one of the four assembly areas. There are also rides from Werribee, Epping and Mordialloc. On the rides, please do not overtake.

The assembly area is in Cranbourne, probably in the Hungry Jack's car park, but that's to be confirmed. I'll keep you informed.

The ride will head up the Monash Freeway taking the Batman Avenue off ramp, the Swan Street Bridge and round to Ferrars Street in South Melbourne. Police will control the right turn from Ferrars Street into Bridport Street which becomes Victoria Avenue where Father Bob's is.

So there you go. Start stockpiling your tinned food for the CRANBOURNE TOY RUN now.

Confirmation and details as they come to hand.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group





Dear Damien
I am writing to you to inform you that the Peninsula Toy Run will take place on 6 December, 2014 leaving Frankston Pier for Rosebud at 10.00am sharp and was wondering if you could promote this amongst your members.
Should you require any background information please let me know and I will forward.
As part of the proceedings this year, there will be the unveilling of a memorial plaque for John Smollen (founder of the Peninsula Toy Run in 2001) by the Mayor of Frankston at the Pier Car Park, so I ask that everyone be there by 8.30am for the formal part of the morning.
The Peninsula Toy Run now has its own Web Site, it can be found at, you will also locate the Toy Run Flyer at that address.
Hoping to see as many of you as possible on the 6 December, 2014.
Phil Matthews
Organiser/Ride Leader
Peninsula Toy Run

Sunday, 21 September 2014


On Tuesday at 7pm  on Ride :
  • Chips from Kings Cross Bikers announces the details of Animal OAM
  • Former World 500cc Champ Mick Doohan reflects on the run away success of Marc Marquez in Moto GP
  • We find out how Moto 3 star Jack Miller has made history this week
  • We look at plans at Phillip Island to celebrate 100 years since the first Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Bathurst
  • Terry O'Neil updates us on a successful round of the Australasian Superbike Championship at Wakefield Park and find our why that racetrack is one of the best for spectators
  • We preview next years 75 th Anniversary at Sturgis in South Dakota in 2015 and the Aussies already planning to go
  • Plus a mixture of news and music.
Proudly sponsored by Fraser Motorcycles Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong ,Melbourne and Perth
and Skillmaster Motorcycle Services.
Listen online via

Thursday, 18 September 2014


ATTENTION:  Motorbike and scooter riders
who are members of the RACV

VOTE 1 for Presley, J – RACV Board Candidate

The extra “Safety Tax” of $75.00 for vulnerable road users, namely motorbikes, needs to be redressed – is there equity with other road users?

Motorbike and scooter riders are legitimate road users and are not represented in the RACV Magazine. RACV needs to recognize this and provide more “balance,” not just sell insurance and holidays!

Motorbikes and scooters decrease transport pollution/congestion and parking problems in Melbourne compared with cars.

There needs to be a more balanced perspective for all road users, with more mutual respect for each other.

I have a passion for motorbikes. In my younger years I rode an off-road motorcycle around Eildon. So I can appreciate firsthand the enjoyment, fun and economical transport a motorbike affords one.

The Independent Riders’ Group needs recognition and representation in the RACV Magazine. Motorbike and scooter riders are a forgotten transport user.

I stand for:
·        Protecting and enhancing equity for all forms of transport – motorbikes, scooters, cyclists and motorists. All have a right to co-exist.
·        Providing more quality RACV services to all members.
·        Extending dedicated motorbike, scooter and cyclist bike lanes across Melbourne for the benefit of all commuters.
·        Promoting transparent, open and democratic principles for the RACV. I wish to join the RACV Board and maintain/introduce high ethical standards and forward thinking policies.

I believe I am the only independent candidate that is committed to take real action on all forms of transport issues with equity/fairness for all. The RACV needs new transport policies with fresh ideas and practical transport solutions.



We need your help.

To all Victorian Freedom Riders we need Damien Codognotto in CANBERRA for
I will be available to collect the $ from you at 1.00pm - 1.30pm Harley City Brunswick Saturday 27th Sep.  2.00pm - 2.30pm at Harley Haven City Saturday 27th Sep.
John Liberman.
Freedom Riders Assoc. 
If you wish you can pay by Credit Card go to this link below

Monday, 15 September 2014


If you have a question around law enforcement that you don't know the answer, then ask us! We'll do our best to respond to the most common questions.
Ask now via our online form:
I wrote. "Snr Sgt Roberts, Dandenong Hwy Patrol said in the Star local paper that his officers would "pull over just about every motorbike they see on the way to the Phillip Is. GP. Why? The PIGP generates $60 million a year. Why alienate law-abiding tourists?


Please join us this Saturday afternoon for a specialised First Aid for Motorcyclists course.
Riding with people you can rely on and know what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident is part of manging risk; if it’s you that comes down you’ll be glad they did this course.
  • Would you know what to do if you came across a motorcycle accident scene?
  • Do you have the skills needed to act decisively and take control?
  • What would you do if the rider had life threatening injuries or wasn't breathing properly?
Motorcyclists are more likely to come across another rider who's gone down. Be informed, get the skills and learn what to do. BOOK NOW for the next "First Aid for Motorcyclists" course - it could make all the difference in someone's life.
Course Details:
Royal Rehab Centre, Ryde
Cost: $55 
When: Saturday 20th September, 2:00pm till 5:30pm
Book Online: 


Sunday, 14 September 2014


On Tuesday at 7pm  on Ride :
  • Craig Fletcher, General Manager of Motorsport for the Australian Grand Prix Corporation looks forward to an exciting Moto GP at Phillip Island after last weekends results at San Marino.
  • We get an update from Kings Cross Bikers on Animal's condition.
  • Ozbikes Bob Skol fills us in on their latest charity bike competition.
  • Henri De Gorter reveals some bad news for community television and hence the future of motorcycle television.
  • We update on a moving Remembrance Service and Ride at the Brotherhood CMC clubhouse on Sunday.
  • And we discuss remaining filming dates for Series 3 of Temporary Australians and the start of filming for Series 4.
  • Plus a mixture of news and music.
Proudly sponsored by Fraser Motorcycles Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong ,Melbourne and Perth
and Skillmaster Motorcycle Services.
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Saturday, 13 September 2014



According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the number of road-registered bikes on our roads has gone up 25% since 2009. That's the biggest increase of any vehicle type in OZ. Over the same period the percentage of cars (passenger vehicles) in the vehicle fleet fell.

So bikes are more popular and it's a steady increase, not a flash in the pan. And, car drivers are still the main cause of vulnerable road user deaths and injuries.

And, there are proven benefits to ALL road users from a healthy percentage of vehicles being powered two-wheelers used safely on our roads.

Therefore, why is VicRoads/TAC/police treating the Victorian motorcycle & scooter community so badly? No real consultation, bogus research, bad safety advice to Ministers, restrictive laws, discriminatory taxes, unfair blitzes on tourists and commuters and contempt for the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety.

Go see your local MPs and candidates for the November 29, 2014 state election. 


I have to say that I'm generally opposed to new laws and regulations when they just add to red tape and give police another excuse to fine us.

However, the disproportionate amount of money and resources lavished on the cycling community by all levels of government, the favourable media coverage and now a VicRoads/MUARC survey which suggests bicycles could have their own set of road laws, not just legal allowances for the mode of transport make my blood boil.

These recommendations according to the media, include the possibility, taken seriously by some, that push bike riders should be permitted to treat red lights as give way signs! I wonder how the family & friends of the old man on the pedestrian crossing, killed by a speeding bicyclist on Beach Road, Melbourne, a few years back, feel about that?

Having said that, I do think bicycle riders should have to identify themselves after an offence and should be subject to the same laws (with a few exceptions) as other road users. Whether that requires them to carry photo ID or have some ID on their bikes is up for debate, but I reckon too often bicyclists pulled up for an offence, give a false name and pedal off smirking.

It's a difficult question. freedom vs law & order. Bicyclists get a lot of freedom while motorcycle & scooter riders get law & order overkill. Both may be counterproductive. One thing I think is obvious, VicRoads is biased and the Victorian Roads Minister, Terry Mulder MP is too gutless to do his job and manage his department.

Anyway, Slim put a petition up. Think about it.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

ABC RADIO - SEP 12 2014

Jon Faine ABC local radio 774 talking about it; been on 3AW - interview with Holgate from VicRoads this morning, also heard on ABC news.

Article in
More bikes make riders safer
1 July 2014. A major new study into bike safety has further confirmed that the more bikes on the street, the safer it is—not just for bike riders, but for all road users.
VicRoads had a MUARC survey done 2008 I think?

Cate :-) 
Remember the MUARC (road safety???) survey that asked motorcycle and scooter riders what type of relationship they were in? Married, defacto single etc. If they had a high fat diet? If they did home handyman work? And, astoundingly, if they owned a gun?!? These questions were excused by saying they were an internationally used way to assess risk taking behaviour. It looks like this was a Queensland set of questions that had been read by some folk overseas. Anyway, how these questions relate to the safe use of a motorcycle mor scooter on Victoria is still a mystery. It would be very interesting to compare the bicycle survey with the motorbike one.
Independent Riders Group

Wednesday, 10 September 2014



Media and Rider Alert

Series 3 of Temporary Australians airs on free to air channel ONE, part of the TEN Network, from Sunday October 26 at 3pm nationally (check your local guides for repeats).

This series will show some great riding around Hobart, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and the coast south of Geelong as well as dealing with important issues such as the anti-rights laws in Queensland and the state of motorcycling in Victoria plus we find out what it is like to ride at the Isle of Man before race day and discover what it is like to ride on the roads  in Vietnam.

Jonesy comes up with some more 'Sleds to have in our Sheds' and Hirsty tracks down some more Christian bikers. We test ride some of the 2015 Harley Davidsons, there are a few celebrities, drag bikes and superbikes all showing the passionate diversity of the Aussie motorcycle culture. 

Check for episode details from October 1.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Mike Hanlon wants a writer. If you can't do it, please pass this on to someone who may be able to.
"I'm looking for a motorcycle writer for Gizmag - someone who is good with researching and writing about old/rare bikes (and old and rare cars for that matter) and when I saw this I wondered, given your extraordinary circle of contacts, if you knew anyone who might fit the bill????"
You can contact Mike at



There is a new Senator in Canberra. He rides. He makes sense. Certainly 10,000% better for us than nanny state Napthine's government in Victoria.

Victorians vote on November 29, 2014. I personally can't vote liberal this time. Baillieu/Napthine have done too much damage to our right to ride.

Go see you MP and local media. Take this link and get it up on the computer in the electoral office. Demand the TAC tax is abolished and VicRoads conspicuity laws are stopped.


Saturday, 6 September 2014


The Motorcycle Advisory Group (MAG) replaced the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council (VMAC).
VMAC was set up to ensure the Roads Minister of the day got unbiased, expert advice on motorcycle & scooter matters.
MAG is overdue for review. VicRoads have delayed the review of MAG until after the state election on Novemeber 29. That means less than three weeks before the public service celebrates Christmas with a self-induced coma for six weeks. This is not good for reviews or motorcycle & scooter rider representation.
The 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety was in favour of a more divers membership of MAG and greater involvement of two-wheel stakeholders with VicRoads/TAC/police.
MAG meets four or five times a year for a few hours on a week day usually at VicRoads in Kew. Members are paid per meeting. Probably $150 a time but it's hard to get accurate data from VicRoads. If you have to travel they probably meet some expenses.
Anyway, the more genuine riders there are on MAG the better off we all are. Why not apply? The worst they can say is NO.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group



In March 2014, I wrote to the Governor of Victoria, The Hon Alex Chernov AC QC, as a Victorian citizen, as a member of the RACV and as Spokesman for the Independent Riders Group.

I asked Governor Chernov to talk to Premier Napthine about his promise to abolish the TAC tax and to ask the RACV directors to change their policy from one of support for the unfair tax, to one in favour of abolishing the tax.

As Governor, he could not assist in abolishing the TAC tax. It may be that he can help us in his role as Patron of the RACV.

In any case more people in power know that the Parliamentary Road Safety Committee, the VACC, the vast majority of Victorians who ride road motorcycles & scooters want this discriminatory tax gone. And they know that Premiers Baillieu and now Napthine both promised, repeatedly and in writing, to rid us of the TAC tax.

There is a state election in November. Go see your MP.

Watch your local media for information on the new electoral boundaries and the candidates you can vote for. Bear in mind the current government has done motorcycle & scooter riders no favours in spite of promises from opposition.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


The response to Snr Sgt Roberts threat to have his officers "pull over just about every motorbike they see" in spring and on their way to the Phillip Island GP should be on this link today September 4, 2014.

The OZ GP RUN is on the Saturday in mid October before the Moto GP on The Island. * to 10 thousand bikes form a column in the main street of Cranbourne for the run to Phillip Island. It is one of the last great mass rides left in Australia and truly awe-inspiring. Whether you just go on the run or come up from The Island to ride back down in this huge column, it is something you have to do at least once in your riding life.

Damien Codognotto OAM

TOY RUN - Dec 7, 2014.




The TOY RUN for Father Bob will be held on Sunday, December 7, 2014. In the tradition of the TOY RUNS we started in Melbourne in 1978, this is a truly volunteer event for a great charity.

Rides will head for Father Bob's that Sunday from Mordialloc, Epping and Werribee. No registration or fees just roll up. All welcome.

Gifts can be toys, clothes or tinned food. Donatations acn be as little as a single coin. It all helps.

From Father Bob's in Albert Park many riders go to one of the many eateries in the area or head off to Christmas Parties like Zorros.



Put it on your calendar now.

Damien Codognotto OAM


The Future of Motorcycling Seminar in Melbourne, Australia. July 2014.

In conjunction with the Vicorian Scooter Riders Association and the Freedom Riders of Australia.

First speaker: Steve Bardsley - VSRA

Last Speaker.  Shadow Minister for Roads & TAC Luke Donnellan MP (Labor)

Minister for Roads Mulder MP (Liberal) was invited but did not respond.

Thanks to John Liberman from the Freedom Riders for organising the ride in, the room and the PA.

Thanks The Bernie Bickerton for the video.

Greg Hirst from Temporary Australians also filmed the seminar. His footage will be used on his Temporary Australians show from October 1, 2014.

Thanks to all who attende3d and helped out.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


For immediate release. Please pass this on.
TRAFFIC FILTERING is defined in NSW as motorcycles & scooters moving between stationary or slow moving cars at speeds up to 30 kph. Above 30 KPH they call it LANE SPLITTING.
ACT will trial traffic filtering in February 2015.
QLD will also legitimise/legalise traffic filtering.
VIC's 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety recommended a traffic filtering trial in this state.
VicRoads keeps delaying that trial. Roads Minister Mulder told the media that three riders died traffic filtering so VIC would NOT be legitimising traffic filtering here. Mulder was given bad advice on traffic filteriing and gave the media false information on May 26, 2014. James Holgate was the motorcycle & scooter community's contact at VicRoads and the probable source of the misleading stats fed the Minister. Mr Holgate is on leave apparently and can't confirm accurate information on these crashes.
The three fatal bike crashes, it seems,  were over a decade, NOT a year and were at freeway speeds. Not one of these riders crashed traffic filtering as Minister Mulder led the media to believe.
  1. Victoria should not follow the NSW traffic filtering model.
  2. Traffic filtering has existed since there has been traffic. It happens safely every day across Australia and around the world. It is not new.
  3. Statistics indicate traffic filtering is not a significant source of motorcycle, scooter or bicycle casualties. Experienced riders say it is the safest way to ride in heavy traffic.
  4. Traffic filtering benefits ALL road users by reducing pollution, road damage & congestion while improving safety and freeing up car parking space.
  5. There is no specific law against traffic filtering in Victoria. Victoria does NOT need/want a new law against lane splitting.
  6. Lane splitting is covered by dangerous riding laws with serious penalties.
  7. Traffic filtering can be quickly and economically legitimised in Victoria by A) including powered two-wheelers in bicycle regulations related to overtaking on the left of cars B) extending the bicycle stop line across all lanes at intersection to alloe riders to move ahead of cars while protecting the pedestrian right-of-way C) running an positive education campaign for car drivers on safe traffic filtering by ALL two-wheelers.
VicRoads has also delayed, again and again, permitting motorcycles & scooters to travel in most bus lanes in spite of the successful Hoddle Street trial completed more than 18 months ago. VicRoads are aware of the dangerous situation they have created at the Hoddle Street end of the Eastern Freeway but continue to do nothing to remedy that situation by allowing motorcycles & scooters to use the Eastern Freeway bus lane.
Members of the Victorian Parliament, in the run up to the November state election should move to legitimise traffic filtering and permit riders to use bus lanes. Both are safety measures that will also improve traffic flow and reduce car parking shortages thereby benefiting everyone.
Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group


Monday, 1 September 2014



Being A Good Rider Means Managing Risk
Riding with people you can rely on and know what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident is part of manging risk; if it’s you that comes down you’ll be glad they did this course.
  • Would you know what to do if you came across a motorcycle accident scene?
  • Do you have the skills needed to act decisively and take control?
  • What would you do if the rider had life threatening injuries or wasn't breathing properly?
Motorcyclists are more likely to come across another rider who's gone down. Be informed, get the skills and learn what to do. BOOK NOW for the next "First Aid for Motorcyclists" course - it could make all the difference in someone's life.
Course Details:
Royal Rehab Centre, Ryde
Cost: $55 
When: Saturday 20th September, 2:00pm till 5:30pm
Book Online: 
By the end of this highly specialised half day training session you'll have learnt when and how to perform emergency helmet removal, give effective CPR, move a casualty in danger, treat a rider with serious road trauma injuries and safely manage the accident scene.