Monday, 14 October 2013


The more riders who do what Rod's done, the better chance we have of getting something of a fair go for motorcycle & scooter riders.

Ring your local MP and make an appointment. Let he or she know what you want. Your votes give them a job. Your taxes pay their wages.

We ride. We pay. We vote.

2014 is an election year in Victoria.

Mr Andrew Elsbury M.L.C
Shop 3
1 Watton Street
Werribee Vic 3030

Dear Andrew,
      Recommendation: Motorcycle advisory Group (MAG) regularly informs the motorcycle fraternity about the outcomes of its meetings.

I firmly believe that there is a real need for MAG to inform the motorcycle fraternity about the outcome of all of its meetings by making the minutes readily available to motorcycle riders.  Their policy decisions govern the way we ride and directly impact on our lives.  
MAG planning functional Strategies
 I assume and hope that development of the MAG strategic plan is based on The Victorian Roads Safety Committee s (VRSC) Inquiry Into Motorcycle Safety, Dec. 2012 and that this underpins (foundation stone) the agenda of meetings. 

There is a need for MAG to be open and transparent about development of the agendas and of the outcomes of their meetings. I suggest that all relevant documentation and the responses be uploaded to  HYPERLINK "" where all motorcycle riders and other stakeholders can access it.
I would like to see government respond in detail about how these motorcycle issues will be addressed rather than respond by saying that the government and/or MAG is ‘looking into it’ or it is ‘supported in principle.’ Some of these motorcycle issues have been talked about for 30, 40 years without any resolution. This is totally unacceptable to me and I hope would be to you as the Minister. 
Gaining Support and cooperation 
If the Government wishes to gain the support and cooperation to implement motorcycle policies, guidelines and practices from stakeholders, especially motorcycles in Victoria, I believe this needs to be done. 
Please forward this letter of concern to Hon Terry Mulder MP, Minister for Public Transport and Roads for his attention and a formal response.
If I can be of further assistance on this important issue, please contact me on .... ... ... .
Yours Faithfully,

Rodney Brown
Member of the Independent Riders Group – IRG

Good letter rod.
There is a Motorcycle Advisory Group meeting at VicRoads next week but you won't hear much about it. Go see your MP and tell him/her you want to know what's being done on your behalf.
Don't forget the TOY RUN on December 8.


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