Thursday, 7 November 2013


We had the opportunity to have a say on the "bikie ban" at the Baxter Tavern in Victoria this week. Hopefully the Frankston Leader will run a picture story this week. Let me know if you see it.

Now  a  pub  in  Essendon, a Melbourne suburb reportedly banned a young couple for wearing protective clothing used on their motorcycle.

Queensland police  have  issued a warning to hoteliers that they have to keep  "gang  members" out or risk their licences, their means of earning a living. We have seen no  list or  definitions  of  organisations or their clothing from any police so how do publicans can identify who gets banned?

Good, safe riders go home    feeling   insulted   and  betrayed! Riding to a pub for a meal and/or a social surely reduces the drink/drive menace. This  disgraceful witch-hunt frenzy is spreading to Victoria.

It's a very big net catching way too many fish.

I  heard  a  story  that  a  number of Harley Owners Group riders were heading  for  a day out on Phillip Island last weekend. The story goes that  they  were  stopped  by  police, presumably because they were on
motorcycles, and given a hard time for half an hour or so. I'm waiting for   confirmation   on   this, hopefully photos or video.   If  true, this would  seem  to  be a serious blow to regional tourism.

We   estimate   that touring motorcycle  &  scooter  riders contribute more  than  $750  million  to the Victorian economy each year. That is mostly spent in regional Victoria. It does not include bike road costs (VicRoads/TAC) which are  similar  to  car  road costs. Most riders own cars so they pay more than once..

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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