Monday, 18 November 2013


Quote: “Motorcyclists have long claimed that wire barriers are dangerous but authorities say how crucial they are.” Unquote. 

A nice cheap shot from Channel Nine News as they show footage of a car bouncing off a rope barrier back in the path of a truck. 

Fact is wire rope barriers have killed motorcyclists who have been chopped up by the metal posts or hideously deformed as a body is “strained” through the wires. Motorcycle safety groups are fully supportive of, and indeed advocate construction of appropriately  designed road safety barriers. 

Let’s face it, anything hitting an object at speed is going to suffer some sort of damage. However an extended smooth surface could make the difference between life and death or even a few broken bones to a totally minced up body. 

Responsible reporting would tell the full story. Good one 9.
Aussie Sadler.
P.O. Box 493,
Vic.  3931.


If you want to rid Victoria of these deadly barriers, go see your MP and tell him/her what you think. They work for you. 2014 is an election year in this state.


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