Thursday, 14 November 2013


CHRISTMAS is almost here.

It's a time for good will among men (and women). It's a time for helping the less fortunate in our community and for promoting motorcycle & scooter safety.

As motorcycle & scooter riders one of the best ways to promote good will in the community, on the roads and in governments is to be portrayed in a positive way by the media. Rare enough now-a-days.

The best way for Australian riders to get a good run in the media is to attend a TOY RUN. Big parades of motorcycles & scooters through cities and towns generates local and national media. There are more than 50 TOY RUNS across the country over the next few weeks. Try to attend more than one.

Victorian riders, please take just 5 minutes to have a look at the you tube video then pass it on to other riders through the internet, meetings, word-of-mouth, whatever.

The Melbourne TOY RUN is on Sunday, December 8. It departs Alexandra Avenue near the Swan Street Bridge at 11.30 am and travels about 6 kms to Father Bob's in Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. 

Riders do not have to register or pay a fee,  just roll up and help us bring the big parades back to Melbourne.

TOY RUN central is The Vincent (03 9682 6444) on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Page Street.  It's a family day so people bringing the kids in the car should be at The Vincent by noon to watch the bikes arrive.

There are lots of good eateries in the area and the beach is at the end of Victoria Avenue.

Cate, Ivan and Katherine test run The Vincent. 

Presentation of gifts to Father Bob by The Hon David Hawker OA and drawing of the raffle at 1 pm.

Left to right: Jon, Georges, Cate & Ivan. Ivan will be supplying the music.

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