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The Baxter Tavern (hotel) is on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria.

Motorbike colours and logos are banned.

326,000 Victorians are licenced to ride motorcycles & scooters.

Then there's the interstate and international tourers.

Riders come from both genders, all walks of life and all age groups.

From  all  accounts, even a bike funeral party was told to leave their
jackets  and  hats  outside the Baxter Tavern this week. These people
are welcomed at pubs and RSLs all over the Peninsula.

If    the  Baxter  Tavern  did  this to people wearing religeous garb,
footy  colours,  military  uniforms  or  whatever,  there  would be an

This  pub's dress code plainly discriminates against an entire segment
of  our  society  because of their choice of transport and dress.

Businesses like the Baxter Tavern  put   signs   up  inviting  the  public in
to spend their money.  says.

"Our public bar is the  place to enjoy a quick meal  and a drink or two 
with your mates."

And of the Bistro.

"Come in and  enjoy  the  great atmosphere with our open  fireplaces, 
sensational food   and   friendly  staff and service 7  days a week." 

Nothing there about motorcycle & scooter riders being banned.

You  don't  get the ugly truth till you arrive and see the sign on the door.

I  bet the people at the Baxter Tavern don't mind bikies when they are
driving  CFA  trucks  to  protect  them against fires, when they are
getting out of an ambulance to save a life or when they are setting up
their mortgage at a bank.

If    riders  are  as clean, neat and well-behaved as other patrons, I
don't  believe   the   Baxter   Tavern  has  the  right  to ban people
with  this  type  of  dress  code. It is obvious discrimination.  Even
if  it  is within the letter of the law, this is morally wrong.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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