Wednesday, 12 December 2012



·         We talk to Rob Salvatore of the Victorian Motorcycle Council about the findings of the Victorian Parliamentary  Inquiry into motorcycling

·         Damien Codognotto from the Independent Riders Group joins us to share his views on this landmark Inquiry
·         Ferret from the Finks Motorcycle Club updates us on the recent case before the High Court of Australia regarding the Queensland Anti-association laws

·         Wayne Baffsky reports on the state of the legal challenge to the NSW Consorting Laws
·         I report on some motorcycling fun that I had in South Australia in the Adelaide Hills and at the MRA Toy Run last weekend

·         And I announce a new Tuesday night timeslot for Ride in 2013 plus lots of news, views and music from Australia and beyond

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What’s the next best thing to having some motorcycle fun? Listening to others who are having it as well!And you can do that on Sundays for two hours from 7pm EST. on Alive FM 90.5 when national motorcycling identity Greg Hirst will entertain you with

      ·Humorous stories of a motorcycle nature

      ·Interviews with well known motorcycle riders

      ·Stories from Aussie motorcycle clubs about their positive activities

      ·Update of key some motorcycling issues

      ·News on local and national motorcycle events (especially for those listening online)

      ·Studio guests to talk about their personal motorcycling experiences                                                

And lots of great Aussie rock, blues and alternate music, plus a little overseas stuff. So listen in every Sunday for some motorcycle radio fun: on radio in Sydney or online on www.alive905.comaround Australia.Alive 90.5 FM broadcasts all its programmes online and so Ridecan be heard in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania at 7pm,Qld at 7pm, South Australia and Broken Hill 6.30pm, the Northern Territory at 6.30pm and in Western Australia at 5pm.

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