Thursday, 14 March 2013



Car  drivers  are  asked  to be aware there will be many more motorcycles &
scooters on Victorian roads tomorrow and to drive with extra care near them.

Riders  from all over Victoria will head to the marginal electorate of Seymour
on the 1st FAIR GO RUN on Saturday, March 16, 2013. The Hume Highway
is  expected  to  be  busy  as  riders travel to Seymour from Melbourne,  Wodonga
and places on the way.

In  Wodonga,  Road  Safety Committee member  Bill Tilley MP  will see the
bikes  safely  on  their  way  south on the Hume.

In Melbourne, Shadow Minister for Roads and the TAC  Luke Donnellan MP  will
see the riders off from Epping.

Local  member  Cindy  McLeish  MP and other speakers,  will address the assembled
riders in Seymour.

Riders  want  the  government  to implement the recommendations of the parliamentary
inquiry into  motorcycle  &  scooter safety  before  the 2014 state election.

Independent Riders Group spokesman Damien Codognotto OAM said.

"The  motorcycle  &  scooter  riders will be travelling well below the speed  limit 
so we are asking car, truck and bus drivers to please be patient and careful. 
Give the bikes their road space."

When  in  place,  the 64 inquiry recommendations will benefit all road users.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

Mobile: 0419 846 855.

CONTACTS:        Wodonga Ride Leaders        - Mick Higgs     - 0409 591 591
                                                                          - Cate Hughes   - 0432 083 342

                 Wodonga MP           - Bill Tilley               - 02 6024 4488

                 Seymour MP            - Cindy McLeish      - 03 5799 2760

                 Epping MP               - Luke Donnellan      - 03 9706 0566

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