Thursday, 11 April 2013



Thanks to everyone who have kept me in their prayers. I am making a quick recovery from knee surgery and am getting active again.


I will be down at the 110 Year Celebration of Harley Davidson at Williamstown this weekend filming for Series 2 of this popular national community television show. Hope to start editing soon for airing late in 2013. Don't forget Series 1 is available through


I will be back live on Ride on 90.5 FM out of Sydney next Tuesday from 7pm. Issues looked at will include the current status of the controversial anti-association laws, a report on filming from the 110 Celebration as well as what is happening in Melbourne to mark 110 years of motorcycling in Elizabeth Street, news of the upcoming Silverwater Motor Festival in Sydney and we hope to find out what has happened with the Stone Music Festival.



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