Friday, 24 April 2015


The parking area for motorcycles & scooters in Linlithgo Avenue was well-attended. This was the first year this area has been set aside for riders. It was organised by the Vietnam Vets MC with the RSL and Police. 
THE DAWN SERVICE AT MELBOURNE'S SHRINE began at 6 am in light drizzle. In spite of the rain the parkland around the Shrine was full of all sorts of people, young and old. The crowd sombre and respectful.

There was large turnout of motorcycles. The motorcycle & scooter parking area in Linlithgo Avenue was well attended. More bikes parked in St Kilda Road and spots around the Shrine.

During the service I heard only one bike engine for a few seconds as someone arrived late and quickly switched off.

There were as many bicycles as there were motorbikes. Pushbikes were tied to trees and posts all over the place. Bicyclists rode through the crowd but I saw no problems.

After the service motorcyclists began to head off. They were careful and well-ordered in keeping with the occasion.

The Dawn Service was moving. The dark and the rain hid more than a few tears.

Lest we forget.

The carpet of poppies on Princes Bridge. Each flower was hand-made from wool and cloth.

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