Friday, 15 January 2016


January 16,  2016.


A wire rope barrier has failed to stop a car again. This time the
failure wasn't fatal. It did cause injury and disrupted a major
Melbourne freeway during peak period traffic at 6.30 am. Inbound
traffic virtually stopped for an hour and a half. What did that cost?

The Independent Riders Group calls on VicRoads and other road
authorities to stop installing wire rope barrier until real research
on Victorian wire rope barrier crashes in Australia's wide range of
conditions and with all types of vehicles has been completed,
including crashes involving motorcycle, scooter and bicycle riders.

VicRoads has installed some 700 kms of WRB At a cost to taxpayers of
over a billion dollars and they plan to double this!. Not even 5% of the
tax dollars spent has been on real research to get facts on what happens
to humans involved in WRB crashes.

Some countries have banned wire rope barriers.

The Independent Riders Group calls on the Victoria Police crash
investigation unit to include comprehensive data on road barriers
involved in crashes so injury data can be assessed with regard to the
type of barrier involved in the crash. The lack of reliable crash
data on road barriers has been documented in more than one Victorian
Parliamentary Inquiry, including the 2005 Inquiry Into Crashes
Involving Roadside Objects.

The Independent Riders Group calls on the Victorian Auditor General
to audit the real cost of wire rope barriers compared to other
barrier types, including installation/maintenance/repair costs and
working life and replacement costs.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group (IRG)
PO Box 4330,
Doncaster Heights,  Vic.  3109.

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