Tuesday, 16 May 2017



Item 8.3 Motorcycle Parking Trial in St Kilda

URGENT MESSAGE. Please pass this on, share it, twitter it whatever. Sorry about the short notice.
I just had word from John Eacott at the Victorian Motorcycle Council about the motorcycle & scooter footpath parking bans in St Kilda (Vic). There is an important meeting tonight, Wednesday, May 17.
I'm told a City of Port Phillip survey on footpath parking had 188 responses. 144 of them did not support the bans.
The CoPP engineer Stefan Mitrik will disregard the survey and speak to make the bike bans permanent.
The Independent Riders Group asks any rider who can make it, to go and sit in the public gallery. John Eacott VMC will speak against the bans.
If this move succeeds not only will more CoPP bike bans come in, it will encourage other city councils to introduce bans.
If you don't want unnecessary footpath parking bans in St Kilda and elsewhere, do something about it. Don't get angry after it's all over. Get there tonight and support John Eacott TONIGHT from 6.30 pm at the St Kilda Town Hall.



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