Wednesday, 28 June 2017



Following your transport challenge this morning (29 July 2017) I'd like to know why motorcycles or scooters are never included in those challenges. Maybe because they would be sure winners? I find this constant omission very discriminatory. An explanation would be welcomed.

Georges GOURON

Independant Riders Group

Tel: 03 9420 1043

We understand GOLD FM hosted a “Transport Challenge” this morning and that motorcycles & scooters were not included. We too would like to know if motorbikes were not included, and WHY?

There are approaching 200,000 road registered motorcycles & scooters registered in Victoria and over 400,000 Victorians licences to ride them. Motorcycles & scooters will increase in numbers as our population grows.

A large percentage of road registered bikes are in the greater Melbourne and Geelong areas. A significant percentage of them are used to commute, run messages and for recreation like visiting city restaurants and theatres. 

People choose to commute, shop and go out on powered two-wheelers because riding saves time and money. It reduces pollution, road damage and traffic congestion. It’s fun. Riding also frees up car parking space.

AND, riding motorbikes in Victorian traffic is safer than it has ever been.

If you exclude riders from community activities like your Challenge, you marginalise a legitimate part of society. This increases the risk to riders from careless and or aggressive car drivers. Drivers who are not looking for motorcycle & scooter riders in traffic or who resent riders and would deny them their place on our roads can do terrible damage.

We urge GOLD FM to include motorcycles and scooters in any future transport challenges. The Independent Riders Group will be happy to publicise such challenges and help in other ways if we can.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders Group

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