Friday, 11 August 2017


The Transport Accident Commission in Victoria has been caught, again, producing an expensive media campaign that is just plain wrong.

It seems like only yesterday when TAC made that terrible TV ad on motorcycles & scooters. They got that wrong too. Consultation with users was token. The motorbike ad was withdrawn. The latest bicycle ad was too.

How could a corporation like TAC get it so wrong ... twice???

Well, these campaigns are taxpayer funded so there is little incentive to get it right there. TAC CTP insurance is a compulsory product and TAC has a monopoly.

Then there's the TAC Board. It has never, to my knowledge, filled all 9 seats. It has a high turnover so the part time board members are mostly not very experienced in TAC operations. And, the board members that attend meetings are administrators and financiers skilled at balancing books and keen on corporate image.

There's little or no road safety or transport expertise on the TAC Board.

It is time to review the way the TAC works and let the Auditor General study what TAC does with our taxes and premiums.

In my opinion TAC should concentrate more on helping crash victims and their families and less on expensive media campaigns, sponsorships and corporate image. If they must make TV ads etc.,  at least get it right. Victorians pay a lot of money for the TAC. They and TAC front line staff deserve a lot better.


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