Monday, 1 January 2018


STATISTICS CAN MISLEAD. TAC stats show there has been an increase in the proportion of road deaths in rural road Victoria as opposed to the city.

"The rising road toll has been blamed on drug-driving, high speeds and elderly drivers."

No mention was made that at the same time as country fatals have increased, country roads have been neglected.

And, when you only consider fatal crashes you do not get a complete picture. Fatal crashes are only a small part of the road crash data each year.

There is a lot more contributing to road crashes than just drugs, speed and age. One contributing factor to the increase in country road fatalities (and other crashes) is the sad state VicRoads has allowed our roads to deteriorate to. Another is the weather. Another is animal strike. Another is foreign tourists. The list goes on

But you won't see that in Melbourne's Age or Herald Sun. It might reflect badly on one or more of the unholy trinity - VicPol/VicRoads/TAC. And, they pay big buck for spin doctors to keep them sweet in the media regardless of who's getting hurt.

We need a road crash data authority that is independent of VicPol, VicRoads and TAC.


From the Melbourne AGE. January 2, 2018.

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