Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Melbourne has a well-established ride-to-work day for bicyclists.

There have been proposals to organise a ride-to-work day for motorcycle & scooter riders
but the idea never got off the ground.

Father Bob and Heather Ellis talked about supporting a ride-to-work day recently. Heather is
a member of the Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Group (VMAG) at VicRoads.

A ride-to-work day showcases the benefits two-wheel commuters bring to traffic flow in our
city. It raises car driver awareness of riders' right to use our roads. It promotes road safety.
It raises road authorities' awareness that we have a right to ride. The recent Transport Accident
Commission (TAC) antibike campaign makes the need for road authorities' awareness &
understanding of motorcycle & scooter riders obvious. It raises politicians' awareness
that we are a well organised voting block. It would help a worthy cause ... and, a ride-to-work
day would be a heap of fun.

TAC would definitely NOT be involved.

The Independent Riders' Group (IRG) is considering organising a ride-to-work day in
Melbourne this summer. The event would feature a "breakfast" at a high-visibility venue in or near
the CBD. The bicyclists use Federation Square but that would not suit a motorcycle & scooter event.
Suggestions have included the BBQs on the Yarra near the Botanical Gardens, Docklands and
A'Beckett Street between Elizabeth & Queen Streets in Melbourne's motorcycle precinct.

The date could be a weekday morning in December or possibly in February or March 2013. That
would mean good weather and we could invite TOY RUN organisers to promote their events at
the ride-to-work day.

We would welcome suggestions as to a date and venue.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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