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Saturday, May 5, 2012, 9:12:39 PM, you wrote:

Hi Damien

Was sent this. It has been voiced over by Spokes (TAC).

Thought you may like to see it

Cheers &  Respect


On 5/6/2012 7:36 AM, Damien Cognotto OAM wrote:

Thanks Prickle.

The  TAC  ad is a disgrace and moves are underway to have it taken off
air. The Victorian Motorcycle Council is moving against the ad. I do 
not know of a single motorcycle or scooter organisation that sees 
this ad as a positive move towards improved bike safety.

TAC's  prejudice,  inadequate research and improper use of road users'
premiums  to  create  this  ad  whose  primary  effect  is  to  excuse
careless/dangerous driving and to vilify motorcycle&  scooter riders.

This dangerous antibike propaganda has got to stop.

TAC's  bias  against  riders  is  long-standing  and  obvious  in  the
discriminatory $70 a year antibike tax on most Victorian road bikes.

TAC's  antibike  policies  could  be  changed by the TAC Board but the
Board  consists  of  bankers  and  administrators  for  the  most part
detached  from  the  realities  of  riding  in  traffic, the latest ad
demonstrates this.

The   Independent Riders' Group has called on the government to ensure
a  balance  of  skills, including transport and road safety skills, on
the TAC Board.

It  has called on the TAC's crash/injury data to be more available and
its'  research  methods to be explained. Focus groups are not adequate
road safety research.

IRG has asked for the cost of "researching", producing and running this
multi-media,  antibike  campaign in the 2011/2012 financial year to be
made  public.  The  antibike  campaign  money would be better spent on
TAC's reason for being, crash victims.

The  antibike campaign money should be spent on improved rehab, better
ambulance/emergency  services,  encouraging  more efficient travel and
lower premiums for safer road users.


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