Tuesday, 18 June 2013


A  rogue  rider  has  given  police  the opportunity to push for front
number  plates yet again. Melbourne's Herald Sun is only to happy to back
their  call  regardless of the facts they printed in this case and the
fact that front ID on bikes is a discredited concept.

Please consider writing to your local papers about this one.


Police renewed their call for front number plates on motorcycles after
a  race replica recorded doing  146  kph  on  the Hume Freeway at 10am
on a Sunday. (Hoon Hunt 18/6/2013)

The Independent Riders' Group condemns the irresponsible and dangerous
actions  of  this rider but he or she should not be seen as typical of
Victoria's 326,000 licence holders.

On  The  Hume  in  good  conditions  146  kph is not necessarily  life

Constable  Piscioneri gave chase. The bike accelerated to a deadly 273
kph.  Maybe  the  rider  did  not  have  a  licence  or  the  bike was
unregistered  or  stolen. That's no excuse, but it looks like the chase
pushed  the speed up. How fast did the police car have to go to get to
"within four car lengths" of the bike from a standing start?

Would have been a front page story with editorial and a follow up item
the next day if the bike had been a sports car?

How  often during this dangerous chase did the constable see the front
of the bike?  By  all  means  catch  and  punish  speedsters but do it
reasonably safely and   don't   use  an  isolated  case  to push front
number plates on a generally law-abiding community.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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