Monday, 10 June 2013



The good news is that the "all of government" response to the 64 recommendations from the parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety (Dec. 2012) will be tabled in the Victorian Parliament tomorrow, June 12, and you have a right to be there.

The bad news is that we only got verbal confirmation of this an hour or so ago on June 11. We have been trying to get information on this for months.

I am going to try to be at Parliament House in Melbourne by 9am. The public galleries should be open by then. If you can, I urge you to attend even if you can only stay a short while at lunch time or after work.

I'm told the document should be tabled in "government business" from noon or 3pm. No set time.

After the document is tabled you can pick up a copy from the Clerk of Papers office or find the response online. Start your search here.

Don't wait outside. Go through security and ask to sit in the public gallery. There should be papers in there telling you the running order.

If you see the media. Don't be shy. Tell them what you think.

The last parliamentary inquiry in this state, into motorcycle & scooter safety was in 1992. So this is a 1 in 20 year opportunity.
If the response to the 64 recommendations is good, say so. If the response is bad, say so. We need to send a message to our elected representatives, and to the public, we are a community, we are concerned citizens and we are organised.

We ride! We pay! We vote!

The next Victorian election is in November 2014.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

PS The front number plate issue yesterday was a Furphy. It was just about road safety slogans on car plates.  

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