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On 5 Sep 2017, at 8:03 pm, Heather Ellis <h.ellis@bigpond.com> wrote:

Hi Cindy,

As members of the IRG, which advocates for motorcycle road safety and riders' rights in Victoria, Cate Hughes and myself would like to meet with you to discuss the following important issues concerning motorcycle safety in Victoria. Some of these issues also directly affect motorcyclists in the Eildon electorate. 

If you are available, we would like to meet with you around 4:30pm on Thursday, 14 Sept. If this does not suit then we are available on 19/10 and 20/10 anytime after 11am. 

1. EDGE FILTERING & KERB FILTERING: Edge filtering as outlined in the National Transport Commission amendments to the Australian Road Rules.The IRG submission proposes that motorcyclists can safely filter on the left side of a highway or road, where the speed limit is 80km/h or higher, when the traffic is stationary or slow moving and it is safe to filter. This is particularly important when there is traffic congestion on freeways and motorcyclists are forced to filter in congested traffic and especially between trucks, while the edge or the road or emergency lane remains free of traffic. If emergency vehicles were using this lane, the motorcyclist will not hinder movement as they can easily move aside.

The IRG proposal is consistent with the principles of vulnerable road user traffic separation. An example where filtering on the left of a road works very well is on Phillip Island in Victoria after motor sport activities. In Queensland, riders are allowed to “edge filter” on roads marked at 90km/h or more. It is currently the only state to allow edge filtering.

The IRG also proposes that motorcyclists be allowed to filter between traffic and the kerb like cyclists do already. It also proposes that fines for lane filtering that don't meet the present road rules should be lowered and no demerit points.

2. RECYCLED PLASTIC POSTS FOR ROAD SIDE SIGNS AND WIRE ROPE BARRIERS: The use of recycled plastic sign posts to replace presently used metal posts particularly on directional signs on winding roads. Recently, many more of these directional signs have appeared on mountain roads throughout the Yarra Ranges. These are very large signs attached to metal posts on a bend. There are four to six of these signs per bend and pose a hazard to motorcyclist if a crash was to occur. A plastic post is softer, reduces impact forces flexible and thus would not cause as serious an injury on impact. The posts will also be better for the environment... and cheaper.

Originally RMIT proposed replacing WRB posts with recycled polymer posts... which would have addressed one of the major criticisms of WRB... by reducing the impact forces experienced when hitting the posts. VicRoads also decided to try replacing the more common roadside posts with a recycled polymer version, but this does not appear to be happening as with the recent installation of directional signs in  the Yarra Ranges (Myers Creek Road and Chum Creek Road).

We believe the RMIT research department for these polymer posts is in a stalemate with VicRoads. The guidelines for expenditure of the TAC motorcycle safety levy require that 1/3 of funds to be spent on research, but it appears this is being ignored. Currently a high proportion of the funds are being spent exclusively on road projects...(roads that benefit all road users), which is not addressing the identified deficit in motorcycling research despite complaints.

3. WIRE ROPE BARRIERS ON POPULAR MOTORCYCLE ROADS: IRG member Heather Ellis is an advisor on the MEAP (Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel), which reports to the Transport Minister. Heather has raised the issue of VicRoads installing Wire Rope Barriers on the Elthan-Yarra Glen Road when VicRoads has a specific policy not to do this

The VicRoads policy is not to install WRBs on winding roads and on popular motorcycle roads. In this instance they failed to follow their own policy. VicRoads have advised they will review their procedures to ensure this does not happen again. 

4. MOTORCYCLE STOP LINES AT TRAFFIC LIGHT INTERSECTIONS IN METROPOLITAN AREAS: The IRG proposes that Victoria metro areas install special motorcycle forward stop lines at traffic lights so riders can filter to the front of the traffic as used in Europe. The IRG, as a member of the Motorcycles In Melbourne Committee, has proposed a stop line trial in the Melbourne CBD and this is now being rolled out at six CBD intersections as an action item in the five year Motorcycles In Melbourne plan. The contact at the City of Melbourne is Haig Poulson in Engineering. Tel: 9658 9423.

Best regards,
Heather Ellis
0425 720 193
Dear Motorcycle & Scooter Riders.

Heather and Cate live in Cindy McLeish's electorate in Victoria. 

They will follow this letter up with a face-to-face meeting with Cindy to emphasise the issues facing Victorian motorcycle & scooter riders. They won't try to cover every issue in a single meeting, just those most important to them and theirs.

If two riders see their MP, it has an effect. If 200 riders see their MPs, it has 100 times the effect.

There are plenty of riders out there who bitch about this issue or that, but, they don't do anything about their issues. Do not leave it all to others. Have your say, in your words. Increase the effect. Go see your MP.



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