Sunday, 15 October 2017


THE TRANSPORT ACCIDENT COMMISSION has a monopoly on compulsory third party insurance in Victoria. Hidden in the premium is a tax that TAC calls a safety levy. It's $70.40 a year on the first bike.

TAC/VicRoads don't tell you that on the bill (registration form). Getting a refund has proven difficult for riders who pay the tax on more than one bike.

The TAC tax is largely unspent, earning a return for the Government. What is spent, is often spent on projects that benefit all road users.

Here's some information from the Independent Riders Group facebook page.

TAC states: "The levy is incorporated into the TAC Charge for motorcycles with an engine capacity of 126cc or above, and is passed onto VicRoads to administer the project funding. Currently the levy is $70.40 as it is automatically indexed by inflation (CPI) on 1 July each year.
The levy is paid just once by each motorcycle owner, any additional motorcycles you own will be exempt from the levy."

To apply for a refund, go to VicRoads here & download .pdf Refund Form.

The refund cheque will be mailed to the address that you have recorded with VicRoads within 4 weeks.

The 2012 Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycle safety recommended this discriminatory tax be abolished but TAC/VicRoads continues with this hidden rip off.


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