Friday, 3 November 2017



The Hoddle Street Bus Lane Trial in Melbourne will be allowed to continue “over the coming years”. 
This effectively puts off any decision permitting motorcycle & scooter riders to use bus lanes in Victoria for literally years. 
The trial which should have concluded in under a year has now been running more than five years. 
Bicycles were permitted to use various bus lanes without a trial of any sort.
I understand that bike crashes in or near the Hoddle Street bus lane are mostly the fault of car/truck/van drivers turning left off Hoddle Street and failing to give way. 
No blitz on drivers who fail to give way hurting riders on their way to work. No education campaign. Just bung up signs in a street so infested with signs that hardly anyone reads any of them. 
Whether or not bicycle riders were also being hit by cars/trucks/vans is not made clear in the letter. Nor was the number of serious injury crashes or fatals involving two-wheelers was not included.
Some of these crashes were when the bus lane was not operating. 


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