Friday, 3 November 2017


BEFORE ANYONE ARCS UP, I and the IRG know drink driving/riding is wrong and dangerous. This is a question. Has Victoria gone too far with this proposed drink driving/riding law?

Will it cause more Victorians to behave illegally?

Consider this. You rely on your car/bike for work. You hold a clean licence. You have a mortgage and kids at school. Your boss offers you a beer or wine for Christmas. Just one.

On the way home you are pulled up and blow .06. That's three months without a car/bike and a heavy fine. Plus the cost of the alcohol interlock for six months, a minimum $880.

If you are going to comment please don't come up with the "if it saves one life" argument. What if one of the kids, suddenly living in poverty, gets into drugs and overdoses?

I think this law has the potential to do a lot of social damage.

Regardless, do not drink and drive/ride. If you have a drink, even if it is just one, take public transport home.


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