Saturday, 26 May 2018



Peter Baulch and the VMC/AMC do not speak for me!

For many years Victorian motorcycle & scooter riders were exempt from road tolls due to an agreement with toll companies that goes back to the Kennett Government.

Riders were sold out in the early 2000s by people claiming to represent all riders. They said Victorian riders were happy to pay their way. This rider is not. We already pay much more than our fair share of road costs. 

Toll companies were assured by pseudo bike representatives like Baulch, that there would be no opposition to the companies sorting out their technology so they could toll and pad their profits. The profits do not go back into safer roads, they go to shareholders. A significant number of shareholders and company accounts are not in Australia.

Let’s get one thing absolutely straight, so there is no misunderstanding. Neither Peter Baulch nor the Victorian Motorcycle Council speak for, or represent me in any way. And, there are many other riders who feel that way.

Road registered motorcycles & scooters pay too much already and should be exempt from all road tolls.

Damien Codognotto OAM

Mobile: 0419 846 855.

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