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This was one of the worst accident scenes a police officer or emergency service worker would want to attend! (Scroll down to see the blog entry ANOTHER RIDER DIES AT A WRB SITE. DC)

The officer first on scene had the sad "Duty" to describe the crash scene to the online operator to report to Vicpol  Metro.

This was unforgettable to me listening to our Emergency services channel.

Sadly we can't change the past but we can direct the future by introducing safer road systems for vulnerable road users.

It is crucial that accident scenes have priority in setting up Traffic Management Points (TMPs). Crash scenes must be secured from contamination so reliable data can be collected. 
In this case some heavy vehicles where sent through the crash site from the Bombala end,  interfering with the officers' duty at the the scene.

The time between a crash and crash investigation members attending must be addressed! It would have been several hours before appropriately trained officers could get there. Surely we can deliver the team using Air 900 for crash scenes where distance is a major factor! 

(The parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety mentions both WRB and the way Victoria collects crash site data in its' recommendations. DC)

In saying this my thanks goes to the local officer at the scene for his great work in what was a horrible accident scene.

The Ring Road at Thomastown north of Melbourne. Lots of run-off space protected by deadly wire rope barrier. It did not matter what this rider was doing when he lost it. His fate was sealed by the WRB.
WRB should not be on roads frequently used by motorcyclists. WRB kills & has done on more than one occasion.


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