Saturday, 2 February 2013


These junkets are not a new line in custards, although the way some public servants consider their status in our society, such a marketing campaign would not surprise me.

These junkets won't taste good to many road users who have to put up with badly neglected roads, dangerous railway crossings and traffic congestion contributed to be bad design and never-ending congestion on city roads.

Did you know that 70% of city traffic in Australia is made up of single-occupant cars?

These junkets taste real good to the "international business" experts at Vic Roads who's advice is "highly sought". Possibly advice on how to sell a good junket to your boss because it's probably not advice on how to keep Victoria's road well maintained economically.

We'll have to talk custard at the 1st FAIR GO RUN on March 16. Scroll down for details.

It doesn't seem to me that the fact that VicRoads HQ is in Melbourne has any bearing on the way Victorian roads seem to get worse the further you go from the capital. I reckon it's all about the custard. To paraphrase Jack Thompson in the film about the shearer's strike. Victoria's roads have gone downhill because VicRoads staff spend all our time and money on milky jelly. Friday too broke (spent it on custard), Saturday too full of it and Sunday too bloody far away (on a junket).


Spending  $195,000  of  taxpayers'  money  on  trips tom India, Chile,
Mexico,  Canada, Germany and the USA is wrong when VicRoads can't
even maintain  our  roads  or fix level crossings in the pothole state.(H/S
28/01/2013. Page 11.)

That  we road users must pay air fares, accommodation and expenses for
officials  to  promote  the  VicRoads  "brand"  internationally  is  a

VicRoads is a local licence, registration and road building department
not a multi-national corporation. The trippers are public servants who
get good pay, hours and holidays, they are not corporate executives.

It  is  time  for the Victorian Auditor General to have a good look at
what VicRoads does with our money.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group

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