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By all means mate! It would also behoove you/ them/ everyone to write to RACV using the letter in their previous issue as a reference. Now that they have opened the issue with this bloke's letter, they have set a precident and created a cornerstone for the argument to gather momentum!

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G'day Lindsay,

Good letter.

Can I put it on my blog?

Can I forward it to people working on rego reform?


Friday, March 30, 2012, 10:45:29 AM, you wrote:

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The latest RACV members' magazine sports a letter from a motorcyclist and RACV member that merits some consideration. 

This bloke writes that it is unfair that he must pay compulsory insurance for every vehicle he owns. I could not agree more and have been banging my head against this brick wall for decades. He implores the RACV to take up this fight. I'll go one better. 

Why doesn't any motorcyclist's rights group fight for a fair registration/ insurance system where the vehicle operator is insured and each vehicle is registered?  

Then of course there's our exhalted industry. That it behooves motorcycle shops and accessory distributors to support anything that gives their consumers back hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, hithereto taken by the government is a no-brainer. It is also not a problem peculiar to any state - motorcycle and car owners throughout Australia are being shafted by the current, unfair system. If every state were to 'kick up a stink' about this simaltaneously it would create weeks of news and embarrassment for governments which would have to explain why the current system exists. 

As it concerns car drivers we can get RACV, NRMA, RACQ et al on side. This way the 'stink' will be kicked up professionally by experienced mobs representing millions of Australians and not merely another whinge  from the noisy, smelly minority that motorcyclists are percieved as. 

Our oligarchy does not give a rat's arse about our rights. We are not goverened by democracy and nothing will change unless we play it smart and work with these motoring groups and take this on nationally. This is our chance to have a win, but given the recent history of our lobby groups and our industry, their apathy, their crawiling to the government and their penchant for flinging shit at oneanother electronically rather than 'representing us' as their rhetoric claims, I am not holding my breath.
Lindsay Swift

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