Thursday, 26 April 2012


Once again TAC shows the contempt the transport departments and
governments have towards riders.

This motorcycle TV ad is blaming the victim not the perpetrator
of the incident.

This is all based on speculation of what if the rider did this or did that,
well what if the driver moved from the stop sign a little later and the
rider was doing the posted speed limit, the scenario would have been
the same outcome.

If the driver would have obeyed the road rules of making sure there was
nothing coming, before moving off from the STOP sign it would have been
a different outcome.

These type of ad campaigns only go to insure more discrimination against
motorcyclists and empowers the drivers negative attitude towards riders.

We motorcyclists ride every time we are on the road as if every one is out
to kill us and for me that is what this commercial goes to prove. It shows that
drivers don't care about the vulnerable road user nor do the transport
departments or governments.

Until there is a change in the mind set (ATTITUDE) of all road users these
type of crashes will continue to happen. You only have to read some of the
comments that are attached to the news article to see the attitude of the
road user of today.

Steve Clancy

aka Prickle

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