Monday, 20 May 2013



If you are reading this or you visit the Independent Riders' Group facebook page you are probably involved in, or at least interested in, protecting your right to ride motorcycles and/or scooters.

If you want to ride free of discriminatory taxes and restrictive laws you need to be involved. Getting involved at this time means going to see or writing to your local member of parliament and telling him/her that you want the recommendations of the parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle & scooter safety (PIMSS) adopted in Victoria before the 2014 state election.

If you want a $176 fine for not wearing boots that a car-driving bureaucrat at VicRoads says are good for you or compulsory front ID (plate or electronic tag) on your bike or to continue being ripped off $70+ a year by TAC, do nothing. VicRoads/TAC/Police have no respect for the PIMSS. They still have a swag of antibike measures. They will use them unless more riders complain to their local MPs. Find your through this link.

Unless more riders get involved in the democratic process riders will pay more and suffer more restrictions in the coming decade. Apathy is our greatest enemy. VicRoads/TAC/Police work for us. We pay them. We elect MPs to manage the public servants, not the other way round. If you want to ride free tall your local MP that we ride, we pay and we vote and we won't forget what happens with the PIMSS recommendations at the next state election.

It's one thing for me to be writing all these letters and going to see my MPs at their electoral offices, it's quite another when a lot of local voters see their MPs with the same message. We ride. We pay. We vote.

And we'll remember what happened with the PIMSS recommendations at the 2014 state election.


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