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Hi Damien,

Thought you might be interested in the response I received from Victoria Police online chat in the lead up to Easter.

It clarifies a question I've always had regarding the final section of the Eastern Freeway coming up to the Hoddle street exit, which is part of my daily commute. I see a lot of riders staying in the traffic where they could be using the last part of the bus lane to transit into Hoddle Street. I'm sure most of them don't know that a) we are allowed to use the bus lane in the Hoddle street at peak morning times and b) they can transition to it from the freeway bus lane as described below.

I've printed off a copy of the response and carry it with me in case I need to clarify this to anyone.

Tim Bushell
0409 901 979

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From: Yates, Kelly <>
Date: 24 April 2013 09:08
Subject: Victoria Police - response
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Dear Tim,
Thank you for participating in our live chat about motorcycle safety in the lead up to Easter.
Apologies we weren't able to get to your question on the day. We had an overwhelming response so it's taken us some time to get back to everyone.
Please find a response to your question(s) below.
I have a question on road rules - specifically relating to the end of the Eastern Freeway at Hoddle Street.
As motorcycles, we are allowed to use the bus lane in Hoddle street during morning peak times. Can we line up behind the buses in the last 50m or so of the Eastern Freeway to make it easier to move into Hoddle street?
It's dangerous enough trying to get from the T2 lane across 5 or 6 lanes of heavy traffic to the far left lane, then it seem like we should be allowed to use the last bit of the bus lane on the freeway to move into Hoddle. After all, isn't the whole aim of the bus lane trial to improve traffic flow and safety for all vehicles?
Hi Tim,
Road rule 158 provides an exemption for a driver of a vehicle to drive in a special purpose lane (includes bus lane) for a permitted distance, which in this case is 100m to enter or leave the road.
So yes, when it is safe to do so, under the circumstances, you are entitled to travel in a bus lane under rule 158.
Victoria Police Solo Unit

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