Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hi there Damien,
                          Damien I have been keeping J D who is
a personal friend as well as his involvement with the VJMC for which I am
also a member, and keeping him up to date as to whats been happening with
the IRG and forwarding your emails on to him.

Damien I received an email from J D tonight and told me the good news that
he has also joined the IRG and has sent off a letter to his MP which in turn
I did myself .

Damien I am into my fifty second year of riding and when the front number
plate issue raised its ugly head again I nearly went off the planet with here we
go again.  Forgetting the aerodynamics, pedestrian choppers, engine cooling
especially with the old steel east west plates and brackets, a lot of motorcycles
suffer from high frequency vibrations which is my own personal case with an
early model Velocette. After splitting two steel front guards at the number plate
mount holes, I put the front plate in the tool box and made my own plate up
out of black & white fablon and stuck it to the inside of perspex on the
fairing. I was pulled over for a licence check and got booked for no front
plate. The cop wasn't interested that there was a plate on the bike
issued by the licence  branch of the day. I had to go to court.

Damien I am sorry to bore you with the datails but I still remember it quite

Just one other thing comes to mind Damien is the Government of the day,
back in the late sixties tried to make it compulsory for all car drivers to wear
crash helmets to help protect against facial and head injuries.Why doesn't the
government try to reintroduce that again, cause there a still a great number of car
drivers suffering both head and face injuries even although just about all cars have
air bags.

Sorry for getting carried away there Damien but I am just sick and tired of being a
victim of law and order politicians for riding  motorcycles. I am still the same guy that
gets behind the wheel of a car and very seldomly gets looked at let alone
being pulled over for a licence check or where am I going etc.

Sincerely yours

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