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Subject: RE: Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety

Dear Marlene,

Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps you could meet with me and my group of riders in the next couple of weeks.
We will probably be riding again Sunday after next. We could even meet you at your Electoral Office.
If that’s not convenient for you (it is your free time after all) I can arrange a 1 on 1 meeting in the next few weeks.

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Subject: Re: Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety

Dear A

Thank  you very much for your email and you taking the time to bring this matter to my attention. I will forward your detailed email to the Chair and  deputy chair of the road safety committee. I am sure that both of them will no doubt be pleased to hear that you support the recommendations of their committee and request that they consider your email.

I support all aspects of road safety for all road users and I'd be happy to meet with you in the next few weeks if you are still interested in doing so.

Once again thank you for you email.


Marlene Kairouz MP
Member for Kororoit
Opposition Whip Legislative Assembly
From:        Don Nardella/ALP/PARL 
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Date:        01/05/2013 07:58 PM
Subject:        Re: Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety

Dear A,

Thank you for your email to me and as you live in Caroline Springs, your local Member of Parliament is Marlene Kairouz and I have forwarded her your email for her attention and response.

I do ride a motorcycle and have an interest in safe riding - if only we could get those cars off the road!

I do agree with you about road surfaces as you have discussed in your email.

Yours sincerely,

Member for Melton

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Date:        01/05/2013 04:39 PM
Subject:        Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety

Dear Mr, Nardella,
My name is A.

I am a family man and have been a keen motorcyclist for many years.

I founded and run an informal network of motorcyclists. We have 115 members on our mailing list and we ride all over Victoria and interstate on average every fortnight.
I have recently been made aware of the Inquiry Into Motorcycle Safety conducted by the Victorian Government.
I have attended a recent rally organized by the Independent Riders Group regarding the above mentioned inquiry and have read through the media releases.
I have read through the recommendations.

I strongly support recommendations 1 to 23.

I support recommendation 24 (performance audit of the motorcycle safety levy) only if it can be a means to achieving recommendation 25 (abolition of the motorcycle levy).
I very strongly support recommendation 25; I believe this levy is unjust and discriminatory against a minor segment of the Victorian motorists. I know for a fact that the TAC has been making considerable surpluses in their revenue in recent years; these surpluses should be used to improve all transport safety in Victoria including motorcycle safety.
I support recommendations 26 to 36 but only if recommendation 25 is not enacted. Otherwise these recommendations are not applicable.
I strongly support recommendations 37 to 53.
I support recommendation 54 on the basis that only European standards, which are not applicable to Australian conditions, be replaced by specific Australian Standards.
I very strongly support recommendation 55 “investigate way of improving motorcycle safety through behavioral change programs”. I feel strongly about this and think there’s a lot that can be done.
I strongly support the remainder of the recommendations; 56 to 64.
One thing that was not covered in the recommendations  was the relative ineffectiveness of Slow Vehicle Turnouts  on popular motorcycling routes such as the Yarra Ranges and the great Ocean Road and the lack of understanding by other motorists as to how these should be used. From my experience I believe great gains can be made via illuminated signs at such locations and an awareness program.
Another thing that was not covered in the recommendations is the aspect of road condition; as you would know, good road surfaces are much more critical for motorcyclists than they are for car drivers. The Great Ocean Road has been allowed to deteriorate greatly in the last few years and I believe we have a very dangerous situation there at the moment. This aspect should also have been covered in the inquiry.
I would be happy to meet with you in the next few weeks if you wish so that we can discuss these issues further.
Otherwise I strongly urge you and your colleagues to support the recommendations, as I have outlined above, when the time comes to vote on these matters.

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