Friday, 16 November 2012


Mr Geoff Howard is the Member for Ballarat East in Victoria.



Dear Parliamentarians.

The  Attorney  General's anti-bikie bill is like firing a shotgun at a
few  bad apples in a paddock full of good watermelons. Who will be hit
next?  Sporting  shooters?  Footy  clubs  with  a bad boy on the team?
Church or ethnic groups? This is a police-state law that will trap the
innocent but have little effect on serious crime.

The  Australian  Bureau of Statistics says 1.3 million Australians are
licenced  to  ride  motorcycles  &  scooters.  The  Transport Accident
Commission  says  80%  of riders are not club members. Police say just
7000  people  across Australia are members of targeted clubs and admit
that  not  all  of  them have criminal records. It is obvious that the
vast  majority  of  riders  are law-abiding citizens who more than pay
their way in society.

A  law  removing  the  right  to  free  association  will destroy many
community  service  activities.  Propaganda says TOY RUNS, Pink Ribbon
Rides  and  like  events,  are  spin to distract public attention from
violent,  criminal  behaviour.  That  is  more  than  a  lie  and it's
insulting.  I've  been  an  organiser  for major bike events since the
1970s  and  I've  never  seen criminal involvement in any of them just
hard working volunteers.

We  urge Members of Parliament to throw the anti-bikie law out because
it  won't  achieve  it's  aims and it removes rights that go to making
Australia  the great free country it is. Blitz serious crime by giving
police  the  resources  they  need  to  enforce  existing  laws not by
introducing this unjust law.

Damien Codognotto OAM
Independent Riders' Group


I agree. 

This might seem to be a sign of strong action by some but, as you say all criminal activity is already illegal and police need the resourcing to enforce it whether it be amongst some 'bikies' or any other community members. 

As you also identify many people who could be described as 'bikies' are sound, law abiding people. 

Law applied by label is not the way to go. 


Geoff Howard
MLA Ballarat East

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