Saturday, 17 November 2012


A letter to the Premier of Victoria, The Hon Ted Baillieu MP. 

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Premier Baillieu,

I am writing to strongly object to the proposed anti-association bill. 

As a law abiding citizen I find it objectionable that people should be considered guilty by association when they have not broken any laws. I also find it offensive that a minority group should be singled out for such attention. If an ethnic group were persecuted in such a way there would be an outrage, so how is this different? Criminal activities occur through all people groups, not just so-called "bikies". 

I ride and know many people who ride. I find them caring and passionate people with a common interest. They have a genuine concern for family and disadvantaged children. This is not a "face" that they put on. It's not a once a year event they tag along to. It is a year round involvement. 

I have in the past spoken to people who belong to so called "outlaw motorcycle gangs." Does that make me a criminal? Are you going to arrest and incarcerate a grandmother who is heavily involved in her church and community and an Executive Officer in her Country Women's Association branch? Just because she speaks with someone who rides a motorcycle and belongs to a club?

I understand that criminals must face the due process of the law, but please! do not blacken the name of innocent people because they belong to or associate with a particular minority group. 

With regards,

Name withheld by request.

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